RSR: Randle Sim Racing

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Wedge Karts

Outlaw Wedge Karts

These are 700 HP speed demons. they all share a chassis, and I added a rollcage from COL 1 in Google Sketchup.


Driver Packs:


Funny Bros Pack

Rating: 12+ (Mild Suggestive Themes)

(Link Coming Soon)

Contains the following drivers who are original characters I made from my paper figure series, "Funny Bros."






Entertainment Pack

Rating: G

Contains the following drivers from animated movies and video games:




Bowser (Updated, Several different outfits: Evil Warrior, Spiked Garter, Evil Warrior's Leotard)

Yoshi (With and Without Shoes)



Lord Shen (Regular, Robe tucked in)

Sakura Kasugano (from Street Fighter. Regular, No Skirt)

Chun Li

Donkey Kong (Regular, and Sheved Legs)

Felicia (with censorship bra)

Peach accidentally has a Yoshi skin. Here's the fix:

Add the skin in the main Wedge Karts folder, change her number to 333, and it should work.


Fan Character Pack

Rating: 14+ (suggestive themes)

Contains the following Mario animal Fan Characters:

Davey J Yoshi

Lady Silver Hammer Sister

Klarissa Koopa (Skirt, No Skirt)

Soul Yoshi (Black Shirt, Ferrari Shirt)

Silver Hammer Bro

YoshiMan (Original, Shorts, and Speedo)

Pinki Yoshi (Regular, Nude)

Oranges N. Cream Yoshi (Regular, Nude)

 Add the extra TEX files to the Wedge Karts main folder. Requires the Outlaw Wedge Kart chassis.


Sonic's original bat diva is burnin' up the dirt, or asphalt.

Outlaw Karts 2013

Rated 14+ for suggestive themes and mild language. All characters belong to their respective owners. If you made a character in here and want him/her removed, just tell me.

Contains the following:

All the driver packs

An updated Outlaw Wedge Kart chassis

Carset swapping doesn't work in this mod. I forgot to take the folder out.


Daveybird's Updated Paintjob

This is me in my new T-Shirt and blue jean...panties! LOL! Drag and drop this tex file into the OutlawKarts folder.