RSR: Randle Sim Racing

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RSR Entertainment

RSR Entertainment is more about fiction and fighting/sports games. Like Pro Wrestling, Boxing, MMA, Football, Basketball, etc. I've got the first RSR Pro Wrestling 2017-18 Alpha Release up here, plus some other things, including:

Madden 08 Mods

MUGEN (2D Fighting Game Engine) mods and characters

Reach (MDickie Boxing Game) Mods

--RSRBA Boxing (Boxing)

--RSR FightZone (Cage/Ring Kickboxing)

--Kung Fu Dragons Arena (Kung Fu Animal Kickboxing)

WWE 2K17/18 XBox One/PS4 CAW and other Creation Gallery, which you can email me if you don't see one up on the Community Creations menu so I can temporarily upload it

SoulCalibur IV/V Xbox 360 Saves

Smash Bros Brawl/4 Mods

RSR Pro Wrestling 2019

The long-awaited 2018-19 version of my Pro Wrestling game.


12/19/18 Snapshot (EXE only)

Removes the wrestler heads from the in-match HUD because they can be a distraction in Windows 10, since if you edit the wrestlers in Windows 8-10, as a side effect of the Ctrl Alt Deleting, the photos don't mask, and they have a black border around them.


12/22/18 Snapshot

Fixes the issue where the city sounds (cars, etc) would play in the indoor venues. It doesn't play at all now, just the regular atmosphere sounds, but I will look into it in the future.


RSR FightZone 2018 V1.24 Update

RSR FightZone gets an update that calls for a new release. Changes include:

Guest characters like Fox, Falco, Iggy, and Shen

UI pictures for every arena type

Regular and Thicc model packs

More outfits

Updated Lizardwoman head


Daveybird Suplexes Bird News Bomber in a friendly face-on-face match

Cuddly Peacock Chris P. Carson does a CarsonBall on Terry Talbain

Falco's smelly foot up Fox's face!!

Iggy does his signature Butt Spank taunt after a big move on Wolf O' Donnel!

You can wrestle in small Independent leagues as well.

Lizardwoman Leslie Baker bakes her opponent with her Fire Breath!

RSRBA Boxing and RSR FightZone

A couple of betas. RSRBA Boxing is a Bird-Headed, Thunder-Thighed, Barefooted boxing game. RSR FightZone is a kickboxing/MMA game that comes in caged and ring varieties.

RSRBA Boxing

RSR FightZone

RSR Pro Wrestling 2018

V0.4824 Links:

Main Download

Script Pack

Character Max Pack (2013 or Newer)

An updated version of my Pro Wrestling game with a bunch of new features and wrestlers!!

RSR Pro Wrestling 2017

V0.48 Alpha Links:

Default Edition

Resource Edition

Patched EXEs that fix the "Head Coming Off" issue

The Patched EXEs have changed the directional keys from the arrows to Q for Up, W for Down, E for Left, and R for Right, so that way, it's easy to have dual-gamepad play with the JoyToKey profiler.

The Pro Wrestling game that I've been working on for about a year has finally reached a point where I can release it to the public. There are still some bugs and random crashing, but it's overall pretty awesome, and I'll only expand upon it. 

The Resource Edition features my full open development version of the game with the scripts, so if you download the free, legal version of Blitz3D Here, you should be able to mod the code!


6 different Pro Wrestling Leagues (or "Feds") to choose from

Different heads for your wrestler, from humans, birds, mammals, and reptiles, to Fox, Falco, Wolf, and Iggy's heads ripped from the real games!!

Some hairstyles are tails!

Three incarnations of myself in the game: My real self, Davey "The Obsession" Randle, Daveybird, and Davey J Yoshi.

Cute, cuddly, colorful cast of animals and video game characters.

Open creation and customization options.

Wrestle in Independent or Big-Time

Some wrestlers have custom promos to help bring out their personalities.

More snapshots (Alphas, Betas, and Final Releases) of this game coming, so even more excitement!!

Thanks Mat Dickie for putting all your old games into the general public for free! Please read the readme for info, help, and credits.