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rFactor Downloads

Here's where I put my rFactor mods and event files to run my mods correctly. There's not much here now, but keep checking, because I was making the transition from NASCAR Heat to rFactor, but decided to mod whatever I want, for all three games, and I"ve got a ton of stuff here now, and will have a ton more later!! rFactor has definitely become one of my main tools for Sim Racing development, and is right up there with Heat!! Nowadays, I'm taking a different approach to my rFactor mods. I'm releasing the RSRFactor mods and trackpacks as constant WIPs, with the same download link, and different updates, because I'm doing the rFactor stuff more for myself nowadays, as my popularity is more towards the Heat and probably the NR2003 crowd, and nowadays I just want to have nothing but fun with my rFactor mods, and take them solely in my direction, but you can enjoy them, and even modify and release your own versions of them if you want!

RSRFactor Fall 2018 Trackpack

Bloomington (Uses the original Boz track mesh for now)
Lincoln Park
Randle County
Dusty Bowl
Indy Fairgrounds Mile
Windy Hollow
RSR International Speedway

Patch for Macon and Volunteer:

RSRFactor Sprint Cars 2018


Updated Physics

New Drivers

New Showrooms/Spinners

Templates included

Midget Sound Patch


RSRFactor Dirt Late Models 2018


New Drivers

New Showrooms/Spinners

Templates Included

RSRFactor Dirt Late Models 2018 Expansion Pack 1 (Contains Devin Gilpin and Tanner English):

Extract to your main rFactor game folder

RSRFactor 2018 Track Pack 1


A new track pack. Contains:



Tri State

Lincoln Park







Windy Hollow

Indy Fair Dirt Mile Track


Randle County

Dusty Bowl


There will be more pack. As always, edit, upload, do as you please!! And read the readme if you want more info. Just drag and drop into your rFactor root folder.

RSR VIndyCar 2018 for rFactor


Still a lot to do, this is just so you can see how much better the Open Wheel Formula Car experience is on rFactor, lol!!

RSRFactor Sprint Cars 2018 0.5 Beta

Download Link

New changes such as:

The DTR2/SC-based old RSR Sprint Car models are now selectable, with a few Sprint Cars 2K18 cars.

IMCA RaceSaver 305 Non Wing Sprint Cars

The Non Wing car is less of a brick than before.

RSR International Speedway Beta

Download Link

This is RSR's Daytona, host of big RSR events and one of the best Weekly programs in the country! A 4/10 mile medium-banked Dirt Tri-Oval in RSR City, it has awesome features such as a high seating capacity based on NASCAR styling, a big jumbotron in the infield on the tri oval by the start/finish line, and a good view of the RSR City skyline in the background!!

Daveybird's 2018 car for RSRFactor DLM 2017

Drag and drop these in my folder. For both Super and Crate. Read the Instructions.txt for more details.

RSRFactor Late Models 2017 V2:

Download Link


Working Wheel with drivers' hands on it

Working gauges

Other adjustments that I can't think of now.

Oh yeah, there is still a goody bag in this one. Just look in Earl Pearson Jr.'s folder for an alternate version of myself and a few "D-List" video game celebrities like last time!!

RSRFactor Sportsman Super Stocks 2017:

Download Link

Patch Download Link



20+ real drivers from Indiana and Illinois

Options for your car's body and spoiler.

RSRFactor Street Stocks 2017:

Download Link


Different types of Street Stocks, from Indiana Bombers and Pure Stocks to IMCA Stock Cars

Malibus, Monte Carlos, and 90s-bodied cars are in this release ('78-81 Camaros are coming soon!!)

Different engine and gearing options

Real drivers for Indiana Pure Stocks and Bombers and IMCA Stock Cars

RSRFactor 2017 Beta Trackpack:

Download Link

Preview versions of:


Dusty Bowl



Lincoln Park




and more!!

RSRFactor 2017 Dirt Late Models are here!! Still a lot of work to do on these cars, but better than before. I guess I should be thankful. More cars, patches, and bonus content coming for this mod in the near future, including the "Remixed" version, RSRFactor Dirt Late Models 2018! This is my first mod where I implement physics difficulty selection from the upgrades menu, from beginner, to advanced (default), to expert, and also S.I.M. (Skill Intensive Motorsport), which really pushes you hard and is a shout out to all the DLM2/DM16 league drivers. I also introduced the Goody Bag system, which are Zip files scattered across the mod folder, which will be a part of most of my mods. They include bonus drivers, chassis, and preview and classic RSR Tracks.

Common rFactor Dirt Oval features that I included for the first time in this mod:

Working Gauges (still working on that steering wheel)

Multiple Spoilers/Body Types

AI Upgrade Classes

More modern models and real drivers from multiple series.

Thanks DRT, BOZ, Ratbag, and ISI for letting us continue your legacy!!

What are you waiting for? Download it Here!!

RSRFactor Eldora 2017 Beta:

Thank you Bobby DiNardi and DLM2!

RSRFactor 2017 Wedge Karts WIP Beta

Wedge Karts with 3D video game character models, plus, a model of myself and other custom bird characters.

The road/street course physics are kinda wonky, so I'll adjust and post an update ASAP.

Current Roster:

Daveybird Randle

Falconn Smith

Fox McCloud

Falco Lombardi

Wendy O. Koopa

Iggy Koopa

All video game characters, and their models I used (C) Nintendo.

Falco has the option to switch between his Smash Bros 4 voice acting phrases, saying, "Get some!" and "Hands off my prey!" for the horn button via upgrades. More characters (including me and Falconn) will have their official voice acting in future updates.

I will add a ton of extra characters to the roster, including Mewtwo, more Koopalings, Bowser, Krystal, Aeon (SCIV version with breakable armor), and more!

If you turn damage on and invincibility off, there are certain pieces of equipment for each character that can get knocked off. So far, here's the list:

Fox and Falco's boots

Iggy and Wendy's shell

Wendy's bracelets and necklace

Things that I thought I made removable but aren't, I need to fix them:

Falco's headset

Wendy's Bow

RSRFactor V3 Sprint Car Update:

Makes the cars a whole lot racier, especially the Non Wing cars, which pushed like a dump truck!!

RSRFactor Late Models 0.55 Beta

Download Link:

These cars are fun to drive. Crate and Super with all kinds of engines to choose from. Plus, paintable tires and driver, both in the car and outside the car in the select screen.  Just drag and drop all folders to your rFactor root folder. I will update the models and physics in future versions. 

I've slightly updated 0.5 to 0.55. If you downloaded 0.5, here are both of the patches:

Just merge into your rFactor folder and overwrite.

If you didn't download 0.5, please download 0.55 above with all of the patches and ready to go.

RSRFactor Sprint Cars V3

Download Here

The 305, 360, 410, and Non Wing Sprints are back for an encore, with all new graphics! Thanks to Bill Malicoat's BOZ 2010 Sprint Car models, it gave RSRFactor's Sprint Cars new life!

I forgot the Pace Car. You don't need to download if you've installed RSRFactor 4 Cylinders or Sprint Cars 2016. but if you haven't downloaded either of those, you need to download my pace car.

Pace Car Download Link Here

RSRFactor Sprint Cars 2016

Download Here

Sling mud in the out of control Non Wing Sprint Cars against the likes of Indiana Sprint Car Stars Jeff Bland, Kent Schmidt, and the infamous Brady Short, Find an all out balance of power and downforce in the 360 Winged Sprint Cars, go slow but fast in the RaceSaver 305 Wing Sprint Cars, and strap in for the ride of your life in the 410 Wing Sprint Cars against World of Outlaws superstars Joey Saldana, Kraig Kinser, Sammy Swindell, and Cody Darrah, or the Pennsylvania Posse drivers like Greg Hodnett, Alan Krimes, and Ryan Smith. This mod is real easy handling, and is offline friendly, and is the first Dirt Sprint Car mod for rFactor where the user and the AI share physics. So what are you waiting for, please download and try it out!

RSRFactor Sprint Cars 2016 Beta

Download Here

I'm working on a new Sprint Car mod, with updated handling and stuff. Try it out in this beta! The finished version will include things like two types of guardrails to choose from, updated physics, the PA Posse, an original UI, etc. I'm already working on it right now! Includes regripped versions of BRL Bloomington and Knoxville, Eldora World 100 2014, and Lucas Oil Speedway. Make sure you have the original tracks first, because they are required to run my versions.

RSRFactor 4 Cylinders 2016

Download Here

I made a few changes to my 4 Cylinder Hornets, like giving them a little more HP, changing the gear ratios, and improving the cockpit, as you can see here.

Randle County Speedway

The famed 1/3 mile red clay oval from my fictional area of Randle County comes to rFactor. Just run the setup and extract to your rFactor folder.

Fixing DWD's Gas City to work with my Sprint Cars offline:

Since I did this myself, want more people to race my Non Wing Sprint Cars at DWD's Gas City, and if I ask them to post my custom event, they'll probably say no, I'll tell you how to make an event yourself for DWD's Gas City where the AI performs acceptably.

1: Download both updates for my RSR Sprint Cars.

2: Go to GameData/Locations/DWD2015/DWDGasCity2015 and copy the DWDGasCity2015 folder inside it, then rename it to something different. Let's call this DWDGasCityRSR. Rename the AIW, GDB, CAM, and SCN files from DWDGasCity2015 to DWDGasCityRSR.

3.  Rename DWDGasCity2015_loading.jpg to DWDGasCityRSR_loading.jpg.

4. Now go to DWDGasCityRSR.GDB (can be opened with Notepad), and one line under RacePitKPH = 30, enter AIDryGrip = 1.2 (or more if you want even more challenging AI. Now you should be good to go!

Just a simple change. Like I said, if DWD tells me no, I'll leave this up..

RSRFactor Sprint Cars Update 2

This updates the tires so the AI will skid, but not as much, since I found out that my previous AI slip level can be problematic at some tracks without walls. I also updated the team names for the generic Non Wing Sprint Cars, so now all of them should be playable.

RSRFactor 4 Cylinder Update

This makes the cars go a little faster. More updates to come, as this is still a beta!

RSRFactor 2015 Sprint Car Update

This is a must if you run my 2015 RSRFactor Sprint Cars. Includes redone wings and AI sliding. You just need to run the install file to whatever your rFactor folder is.

RSRFactor Weaver Park Oval

Weaver Park from DTR2 comes to rFactor, only in Oval form like how I want it, instead of the original Figure 8 version. The only problem is that sometimes the AI cars go to low in the turns, hit the inner berm, and flip over. But if you don't mind that, it's a fun track!

RSR DTR2 Track Pack

Contains three of my favorite fictional tracks from DTR2: 41st Street Speedway, South Central (oval version thanks to UORA Ghetty's Candyland), and Spindale Raceway. Just run the exe.

Update: I fixed the part where it would show you the checkered flag at the start of the final lap.

RSRFactor 4 Cylinders Beta

This is a test version of a mod I'm working on, which has FWD 4 Cylinder Hornets/Front Runners/Sport Compact/Crazy Compact/etc. Included are my car, 15 generic cars which you might like, and a template in the Vehicles/RSR4Cylinder folder, both in CPT and PSD format.

Tip: Make the paintjob background (which is black by default) the main color of your car's body when you're all done painting it, that way there won't be any uneven/black spots on your car. Unless your car is black, of course.

RSRFactor Pavement Street Stocks

I decided to put my Paved Street Stocks here, since after all, this is rFactor downloads.

RSRFactor Sprint Cars 2015

Finally, an almost stress-free rFactor Sprint Car mod with good AI. Just drag and drop the files inside the zip to your rFactor folder, except the templates folder, you can put that wherever you want, and it contains everything from the Sprint Car template, to the driver, helmet, and tires (the tires all have the same compound, but can be painted. If you want to paint a nameplate for a non wing sprint, just copy the nameplate file for one of the Indiana Non Wing drivers and paint from there, looks the same as the main car body template, nameplate should be located where the wing is. Includes 305 and 360 Wing Sprints. 410 Wing Sprints featuring the World of Outlaws drivers, and 410 Non Wing Sprints featuring some Indiana Non Wing Sprint Car drivers. The rest of the drivers are me, DTR2 drivers, and generic cars I painted myself. Thank you F1yer for the DTRFactor physics I used as a base! The setups I use for these cars are coming soon, and I might update some things in the future.