RSR: Randle Sim Racing

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Pavement Mods

Here you'll find my pavement mods. They work good on Arcade, Expert, and Hardcore modes.

VIndyCar 2018 DX


The updated version of my VIndyCar mod released May of 2018, DX has a ton of new features, including:

New handling and physics

Bonus throwback and championship #1 paintschemes for some drivers

New menu screens

A trackpack for some VIndyCar tracks with my own touches

AI GCFs for a lot of NASCAR tracks

Updated car models

This version is waaaaaaay better than the original!!

NOWRA: National Open Wheel Racing Association
NOWRA is an Indy-style American Open Wheel racing league that features the NOWRA Mtn Dew Championship Series, which is the highest level of NOWRA Competition. They race on everything from Local Short Tracks to the  big name Short Tracks to ovals 1 mile or longer in length to Road and Street Courses. There are Oval and Road Course/ 1 Mile or shorter Oval carsets.

This is the rFactor official downloads site. Download the Formula template and the zip file will have a PSD template. This will work, since I used the rFactor default Formula body as the base!

The league started in 1998, as an alternative league to the traditional Indy style of racing, featuring animal-person drivers and super fast cars. Over the years, it has recieved criticism, people saying things like "NOWRA is a complete joke. Crazy-looking furries. What the heck? An Indy 500 knockoff. Smh. Local short tracks. You gotta be kidding me. They are trying to recreate CART/IRL/PPG World Series in a world moved far away from that. This league is a disaster." Still, millions of people flock to their favorite tracks and watch the NOWRA drivers and teams compete!

RSR Paved Street Stocks for rFactor

This is the first rFactor mod I released. There isn't really a true modern pavement Street Stock mod for rF up until this. Comes with 28 generic local-style paint schemes and a PSD template. Uses some of the physics from the rFactor National Stock Cars. Just merge the GameData and rFm folders into your rFactor folder.

STS 2014


Late Model Sportsman

Late Model Stock Cars

Super Late Models


Pro Cup

NASCAR Dirt Series Beta cars


These cars handle pretty good, and each division has its differences. Also, the Late Models and Late Model Sportsman cars have paintable rollcages, which are in the templates, but the Pro Cup cars don't.

STS Street Stocks 2014 are coming soon, using my edited DTR2 car with a windshield and pavement physics.

STS ProCup

This is RSR's ARCA/K&N Pro-type series. They use the same model as the original NASCAR Heat car, and you can use the NBS template from NASCAR Heat Racing League for them, which is what I used. They have 900+ HP, Hoosier tires, and are a blast to race! Try em on dirt tracks in expert mode for a real blast!

STS Street Stocks

Heavily-modified asphalt street stocks. A blast to race, and perfect for easing into the NASCAR-style cars.

Chassis list: 80s Monte Carlo 80s Monte Carlo with spoiler 1978-81 Camaro 1970s Nova

astock: Sportsman-body Street Stock

Stock Car USA

This is for all you fans of both fictionally-sponsored cars and arcade racing games. Stock Car USA is a mod designed mainly for Normal mode, that features an easy-to-handle chassis and 22 creative paint schemes. Think games like Daytona USA.