RSR: Randle Sim Racing

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Old Mods

Here are some of my mods I made a while back.

NASCAR Late Model Stock Cars

My first attempt to make Asphalt Late Models. Uses the original NASCAR Heat body, but wider and lower to the ground. There are four different chassis, each with a different rollcage color. This was gonna be a part of a series of Mods called STS, Short Trackers Series, for different types of short track cars which I might work on later. Any TEX file that was made for the original NASCAR Heat car should work with these. Just make sure to use fcar.

Dirt Sportsman

This is a Pro Stock/Dirt Sportsman/Grand National type Mod for dirt tracks. They handle pretty good, are moderately powerful, and are a blast to drive!

FOSRA Late Models

My old Super Late Models. Used the old DRT LM bodies before I found the Elite Late Model ones.