RSR: Randle Sim Racing

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More Tracks

Charlotte Infield Legends Track

This is the original Lowe's track that came with NASCAR Heat. Only difference is the path goes around the infield track. Good for the Legends Heat mod!

Seedtick Raceway

A 1/6-mile dirt go kart oval in Princeton, IN, in the middle of cornfields. Base track by DRT. Enjoy!

Note: For some reason, when you race on this track, the race starts immediately. As soon as I figure out the problem, I'll fix it.

Daveybird's Backyard Raceway

A nice little 1/8-mile, banked, red clay oval in my fictional backyard in the woods. Has a small grandstand, my truck, and my house. Ideal for go karts and midgets. When you race late models here it's sort of a "traffic jam," heh heh. Base track by DRT.

Bronzeville Speedway

A fictional, 1/8-mile dirt go kart and midget track in the Southside of Chicago, IL. Real fun to race on! I'm gonna make some more of these mini tracks soon! Why the Southside of Chicago, you ask? First, my aunt, uncle, and little cousin live there, so I have some interest in the area, and yes, I'm Black! Second, it would be cool if there actually were facilities like this all over inner-cities. It would give urban and ghetto race fans an opportunity to cut their teeth and maybe even prepare to move up to bigger leagues, like NASCAR or IndyCar. Also, it's a good way to avoid street racing. The facility is a blast to race on. Base track by DRT. Enjoy!

Note: You can only race up to about 12 cars on this track at once, since it's so small, and if you start at the back of the pack, you'll automatically lap a bunch of cars, which I guess is a good thing for some people. This place does have functional qualifying, and you run a 2-lap heat race.

Kokomo Speedway 2014

I redid my Kokomo track so that it would be flat and winding, like the real thing. Real challenging to race on!

Lucas Oil Speedway (Wheatland, MO)

Lucas Oil Speedway is a 3/8 mile semi banked dirt oval. It was opened in 2006, and has state of the art pits, suites, and a jumbotron video screen! Credit goes to Mike Jackson for the base track, and the guys who did the DTR2 version of Lucas Oil Speedway for some of the graphics.

Kokomo Speedway

A 1/4 mile dirt oval in Kokomo, IN. I updated the design some. Track by me, Davey Randle. Base track by Mike Jackson of DRT. Enjoy!

Farmer City Raceway

A 1/4 mile dirt oval in Farmer City, IL. It was a request from a guy who has a traveling race simulator that uses NASCAR Heat. Base track by DRT's Mike Jackson. Enjoy!

Dusty Bowl Speedway

A fictional 1/4 mile, extremely high-banked dirt oval, located in my fictional area of Randleton, which I made up in my childhood. Really fun to race on, but can be a bit bumpy! You've gotta be careful, don't let part of your car's body sink into the track, or else your car will shoot up and blow all its tires. Base track by DRT and Mike Jackson.

The Dirt Track @ Charlotte 2014

A completely new version of my Dirt Track at Charlotte. This time, it is a little more accurate, and even has CMS in the background! Real fun to race on!