RSR: Randle Sim Racing

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Mods (Cars)

RSR Fall 2018 Heat Mods

DLM 2K19:

Sprint Cars 2K19:

RSR Dirt Sim 4:

STS Short Trackers Series 2K19:

                                                                                    DLM 2K19 Expansion Pack 1:


                                                                                    Tanner English and Devin Gilpin join the action!! Who needs a season pass when you can get it for                                                                                       free?! Also available for rFactor. It also patches Brian Shirley and Jim Pfeiffer's cars. Drag and                                                                                             Drop these into the DLM2K19 folder.

VIndyCar 2018 for NASCAR Heat


Race DW12 and IR18 IndyCars as or against me and a bunch of video game/animated movie characters! Please read the readme for more info. An enhanced rFactor port is in the works!!



An enhanced version of DLM 2K18 with changes including:

Ryan Unzicker, Slimyscaly, and Lizzie Thigpen are added to the roster.

Physics changes to make the cars more accessible, yet feel more like dirt racing, but the powerslide is now more controlled.

A carset with a Dirt Late Model car body made completely by me.

New PSD Template

Base Setups

Theme Song: "Not Listening" by Papa Roach

Sprint Cars 2K18 DX


The updated version of last year's Sprint Cars 2K18. All the same divisions, plus:

Big Right Rear Tire (optional)

An additional Non-Wing chassis with a nameplate and big guardrails

a BUNCH of new USAC/Indiana Non Wing drivers in a new carset, with myself and a few of the game characters joining them

A PSD template updated with a part for the Non Wing nameplate

Theme song: "Worlds Away" by From First to Last

In memory of Jason Johnson.

All RSR 2K18 Templates


For Dirt Late Model, Sprint Car/Midget/Mini Sprint/GNG Crown, even my new scratchbuilt body, in PSD format.

Optional Race.res


Has me as the track announce over the spotter/crew chief. I'm hamming it up again!!

RSR Classic

Starter Pack Download

This is a NASCAR Heat mod where I'll enhance and re-release various older mods and tracks (2011-17).

The starter pack includes:

DLM Heat Dirt Late Models

2014 UMP Modifieds (With Spoiler)

2014 UMP Sportsman Super Stocks (With and Without Spoiler)

DTR2 TNLs (Like Super Street Stocks)

DTR2 Late Model paintjobs are compatible with all of these mods that I've released on here so far.


IMCA Late Models, Modifieds, and Stock Cars:


VIndyCar CART and DW12


First Pack:



Northeast Modifieds

Northeast Pro Stocks

Fonda Speedway

RSR GDSR 2018 Alphas:

Pavement Street Stocks

Dirt Street Stocks

Dirt IMCA/UMP Modifieds

I'm also gonna make CTS Modifieds and GNS Street Stocks because of different subdivisions and speeds. Like Sport Mods or Super Street Stocks. Come with Carviewers and extra cam files to replace the hood cam. For the Paved Street Stocks, when replacing the cam files, please make sure to change gns to cts. I forgot about that.

Up Next:

Sportsman Super Stocks.

RSR/GDSR 2018 NR2003 Beta Mods:

GNS Dirt Late Models:

Download Link

DLM Model Fix:

Download Link

PTA Wing Sprint Cars:

Download Link

GNS Non Wing Sprint Cars:

Download Link

Camera Patch:

Download Link

Fixes the hood cam for all three mods. Drag and drop these into the respective mods' folder.

Indiana Super Stock Sim V2:

Download Link


Added Justin Jeffries's 2017 car

Added Jamey Wilson, Josh Divine, and Trey Chastain

Added drivers' hands on the wheel

RSR GDSR NR2003 Sprints


CarViewer Files and Tire Packs:

I'm working on a NR2003 Sprint Car mod, with both PTA Winged, and GNS Non Winged so far. I am planning on making GNS and CTS Winged and CTS Non Winged sometime. NR2003 car modding is easier than I thought. I did the wing cars as well, because while the old SuperSprint Mod may have been more detailed, mine is more proportionate.

Template is included.

Chassis Guide:

Chevy: Bubble

Ford: Bubble and Scoop

                                                                                                                                                                                  Dodge: Neither

                                                                                                                                                                                  Pontiac: Boxy and old-fashioned

Sprint Cars 2K18

Download Link Here

Just like my Dirt Late Models, Sprint Cars will get the "Annual Heat Mod" treatment. Both of them will have some updates each year, with the roster, paintjobs, physics, models, graphics, etc. This is an early release version, which will be replaced with a more polished version later this month. It has 305, 360, and 410 Sprints, Wing and Non Wing, each with their physics and speed differences. With World of Outlaws, Game/Movie Character, Indiana 410 Non Wing, and Bloomington Speedway RaceSaver 305 Wing Sprint Car Drivers, plus myself, the roster is packed!!

I updated the mod. If you downloaded it before December 30th, 2017, please download it again.



ASCS 360s

Drivers' hands on Wheel

Updated physics

Exhaust flame upon braking

Chassis Pack


This is a .Car Swapper set for Sprint Cars 2K18. Drag and drop the Cardata folder into the main SprintCars2K18 folder. This is the Cardata folder that I'm working with. Some chassis are default. Others are new and experimental.


(Sprint) With Updated Physics: I tried using the DLMHeat 2014 Front and Rear values as a base, obviously modifying the tire size. Feels more racy, forgiving, and powersliding, but controllable. I also slowed down the cars for restrictor plate use on the mile tracks.

(Sprint) V2: Same as above.

(Sprint) V2B: New physics, with a (unfortunately static) larger right rear tire. Will end up as a seperate optional chassis.

GNG Crown Non Wing: For the Non Wing car, a long Sprint Car, similar to the USAC Silver Crown, and named after the Gold & Glory Sweepstakes from the old days, and their biggest race is still at the Dirt Track at Indiana State Fairgrounds.

DLM 2K18

Download Link Here

This is the first of my DLM 2K series of NASCAR Heat Dirt Late Model mods. With some real drivers from Dirt Super and ILMS Crate Late Models, myself, game characters, and generic cars. This, like Sprint Cars, is an early release version, with a more in-depth version to overwrite it later this month.

I updated this mod as well. If you downloaded it before December 30, 2017, please download it again.


Drivers' hands on wheel

Exhaust flames upon braking

Driver select screen showing Dale Jarrett and the other default NASCAR Heat drivers when switching to the ILMS Crates? They show the default drivers because of one or more nonexistent chassis. Here are the Crate Late Models that I forgot:

Download Link

Drag and drop these into your DLM2K18 folder.

1.26 Update



Swappable .car files with easy, DLMHeat-style physics

IMCA Late Models

Some real IMCA Late Model drivers

Indiana Super Stock Sim

For the 2016 Indiana Super Stock UMP Sportsman Cars. That bird guy with the mic Is Mikal "Mik" Byrd, the new voice of RSR, voice acted by me, who can be activated by turning the spotter on.

Driver Roster:

Dee Jay Randle

Travis Howe

Steve Peeden

Justin Jeffries

Chip Slagle

Aubrey Eagan

Jim Pfeiffer

Aaron Fields

Josh Boller

Jack Frye 

                                                                                                 Steve Hawkins

                                                                                                 Chris Hillman

                                                                                                 Steve Johnson

                                                                                                 Jim Turner

                                                                                                 Doug McCullough

                                                                                                 Greg Garrison

                                                                                                 Jason Hehman

                                                                                                 Steve Hollars

                                                                                                 Levi Godsey

                                                                                                 Troy Clark





Lincoln Park

Terre Haute



Indy Fair

Gas City






Circle Park

Randle County


RSR Dirt Sim 2017 300cc Oval Go Karts and Super Stock Sportsman divisions (Sim version only, Arcade Edition versions will come soon)

Super Sportsman:

Download Here

Go Karts

Download Here

Just drag, drop, and merge into your RSRDirtSim2017 folder and choose the carset you downloaded when you want to drive them. 

There are both spoiler and non spoiler version of the Super Stock Sportsman Cars.

The Go Karts have the recognizeable Daveybird, Steveybird, Fox, and Falco turned off, so if you want to drive as or against them, you've gotta enable the veraions of them with the asterisks after their name who are on the right side of the Starting Grid Manager in ML2. The first Fox and Falco are them in their recognizeable Smash Bros clothes, the second Fox and Falco are them with bare legs and feet (Falco has orange legs and feet, and black toenails, since he's a bird, lol!), the first Daveybird and Steveybird are with out casual clothes, our "work uniforms," grey T-Shirts and loose blue shorts. The secone versions of both of us are us with the same outfit, except the blue shorts are now briefs. Our third versions are us in our swimming outfits, shirtless, big pecs and nipples (which can get in the way in cockpit view), and speedos.

Plus, I included a PSD template for the Go Karts (You need to use the Late Model template included in the base mod for the Super Stock Sportsman Cars).

I will post an updated UI.res with car select photos of the new cars as well, along with replacement drivers.txt files that will point to the added car photos, within the next few weeks. I think I already have beta images for the Super Stocks, but they will be updated. I know for sure I don't have photos for the Go Karts.

RSR Dirt Sim 2017 CT525 Chassis Update

Download Here

I forgot to update the physics for the Sim edition 525 Late Models. I noticed this when I drove one and the seat was too high in cockpit view. I will post more chassis updates if I notice anything else.

RSR Dirt Sim 2017 and RSR Dirt Sim 2017 Arcade Edition Base Mod with Dirt Late Models

Sim Edition (for Expert and Hardcore realism)

Download Here

Arcade Edition (four-geared, physics adjusted, for Normal realism mode only)

Download Here

The most anticipated Modern American Dirt Oval mod for NASCAR Heat for quite some time, and the highest-quality RSR NASCAR Heat mod! Thank you to Mike Jackson and DRT for the base models for the cars, which I pimped out to make look even better and more modern, BD Ford for throwing my Hoosier Tires in the mud, and of course ISI for the rFactor driver model!

More divisions and carsets are on the way soon, but we'll start with the Late Models.

Included divisions:

3 engine options for UMP-style Super Late Models

602 and tall-spoiler 604 Crate Late Models

SUPR big-spoiler with both Spec and Open engine options

Limited Late Models

GM CT525 engine Late Models

Topless Super Late Models

All in both Sim and Arcade Edition!

Stay tuned, more DLC to come!

RSR Dirt Sim 2016 Arcade Edition

Download Link Click Here

I was having trouble running some dirt Heat with my steering wheel, so I decided to make a 4-geared mod for Normal (Arcade) mode. Includes the following divisions:

All of the divisions from RSR Dirt Sim 2016 (even the Wedge Karts)

Plus 305, 360, 410 Wing Sprint Cars and 410 Non Wing Sprint Cars

I modified the physics so they can slide a little more during braking, like in real dirt racing. No turning right to turn left, though, unfortunately.

All divisions are four-geared and ready to be raced in Normal mode!

RSR Dirt Sim 2016 Starter Pack

Download it Here!

Here's everything you need to get started dirt racing in NASCAR Heat. Contains RSR Dirt Sim 2016 and a bunch of tracks!

RSR Dirt Sim 2016 MultiMod with Wedge Karts Expansion Carset

Notalble tracks, including:

Randle County



Terre Haute Action Track

Tri-State Speedway Haubstadt




Circle Park

and more!

You can literally just download NASCAR Heat Mod Essentials at, download this pack, extract the files to your NASCAR Heat directory, and go racin'!

Wing Sprint Car Update for RSR Sprint Cars 2015

This changes the power, grip, and downforce, so that the Wing Sprints go much faster, and are easier to drive!

RSR Wedge Karts 2016 Carset for RSR Dirt Sim 2016

Remember all those years ago, when I first started scratch-modeling my cars, and made wedge-shaped go karts with animal characters driving them? Well, I created a new version of these karts, with some new and familiar faces, and even added my Dirt Late Model spoiler. Some drivers even have alternate outfits. In the starter carset, all alternate outfits and some of the more inappropriate drivers are taken out, but you can easily add them in with the Starting Grid Manager in NASCAR Heat Mod Launcher 2. Template is included in PSD format to make your own crazy Wedge Kart creations!

RSR Dirt Sim 2016 Cars with Dirty Tires

There are tons of dirt mods out there for sim racing games. However, most of them have regular black tires. Now they look like they've been racing in the dirt! Unzip this into your RSRDirtSim2016 folder. This has updated tires done by BD Ford and I where they have dirt on them. Both Hoosier (htire) and Goodyear (rtire).

RSR Dirt Sim 2016


UMP Super Late Models

Crate Late Models

UMP Sportsman Super Stocks

UMP Modifieds

If you've been following me on The Mod Squad, chances are, you knew that I've been working on a 2016 Dirt Late Model mod using my own scratchbuilt car models. Well, low and behold, I inculded Modifieds and Super Stocks as well, and made it the RSR Dirt SIm 2016 MultiMod. I might add Sprint Cars, Midgets, Street Stocks, etc in the future. Templates are included in the RSRDirtSim2016/templates folder in PSD format. Enjoy, and sling some mud!

RSR Sprint Cars 2015

Sprint Cars are intense and hardcore. Here's my latest Winged Sprint Car Mod. Comes with RaceSaver 305, 360, and 410. Updated cockpit and handling.

Super Late Model with Alternate Roof Sails

This is for RSR Late Models 2015. Just drag and drop the car file in the zip into the main RSRLateModels2015 folder, replacing the previous file, which had no use until now. And then, for the Super Late Model drivers you want to change to this roof style, simply add a 2 to the rsrslm in their chassis listing in the driver list, making it rsrslm2.

RSR Late Model Chassis Update:

Removes those annoying shadows on some of the tracks, just drag and drop the chassis files inside the zip to the RSRLateModels2015 folder and replace.

RSR Late Models 2015

The much anticipated RSR 2015 Dirt Late Models have arrived, with new physics, new divisions, and a new cockpit. The Super Late Model division has 40+ real drivers from the 2014 season, and the rest have my Randle County drivers as placeholders for any class..

Indiana Sprint Cars Beta

A taste of a mod I'm gonna release later this year. In the Hoosier State, Indiana, Non Winged Sprint Cars are all the rage, and the drivers can either stay and dominate at that level, or move on to NASCAR or IndyCar.

IMCA Stock Car Addon for Street Stock Heat

Drag the two .car files into the main Street Stock Heat folder, and put the IMCA Stock Cars folder in the Street Stock Heat Mod's Carsets folder. These are a different chassis than the DLMHeatAE IMCA Stock Cars, which were a beta, and used a modified DTR2 Pro Stock body. IMCASC is the boxy 80s Monte Carlo/GM Metric/G Body car, while IMCASC2 is the sleeker, 90s car style, like the GM W Body (95 Monte Carlo, etc), and the Ford Thunderbird from that era. This chassis uses my original DTR2 IMCA Stock Car chassis, which used a Late Model as the base, but for Heat, I made it more into a Street Stock/IMCA Stock Car body. These are real fun to drive, and might work in Normal/Arcade mode because they have four gears. And yes, I will sometime convert the Limited and SUPR Late Models from DLM Heat AE to the real DLM Heat as well.

Randle County Late Models

Randle County Late Models is finally released!


Arcade and Sim Chassis

18 Randle County Drivers from my childhood

Drivers' appearances are in the Driver Select screen.

10 years ago, in 2004, I started creating a special area, called Randle County, with plenty of dirt tracks and pavement short tracks, and a bunch of cute animal characters. This features 18 of them in the Dirt Super Late Model division. Not all of these drivers were originally in the Super Late Models back when I created them, but I thought it would be easier to just put them in the division, plus, it also represents some of the Street Stock, Super Stock, Modified, etc drivers from 2004-06 finally moving up to Super Lates 10 years later, as this is the current year's roster. Also, about 10 years ago, on this day, I was grounded for a month. And then a day later, it quickly escalated to a year, just some stupid stuff. Plus, this would go good with the Randle County tracks I made, including the upcoming Circle Park Speedway in Arlington.

Notable Drivers:


Birthdate: 1991

Sex: Male

Species: Green Lizardman

Chassis: Rayburn

About: He is the face of Dirt Late Model racing in Randle County. With over 500 wins and 6 track and series championships spanning over a decade, Slimyscaly is the first name mentioned when people talk about Randle County Dirt Late Model drivers. His dad, Daniel, was a dirt late model driver in the 70s and 80s, until he got in a horrible crash and willingly retired. He vowed not to let his son race until there were more safety enhancements. Slimyscaly raced a Hobby Stock in 2002, winning plenty of races until moving all the way up to Super Dirt Late Models a year later in 2003. He also started selling paper cars in 2002, and raised enough money to get his Late Model. In 2003, he opened up Lizard Lair, a huge skyscraper which has an arcade, a mall, a sim racing center, a dome stadium with a dirt oval around it, a basketball arena, hotel rooms, restaurants, etc. This is all Slimyscaly could want, but he still goes out to other places to run his errands, while operating on the business side of his own facilities. He also has Asperger's/Autism, which limits his speech, but also gives him a really powerful brain. He has a good memory, sometimes in bed talking to himself and reliving his early races. His staff (caretaker) is Xenophilius Rex, a T-Rex a few years older than him, and visits Slimyscaly a few hours every day, and sometimes accompanies him to his races. In 2011, Randle Speedway closed, and Slimyscaly threw a fit. Xeno suggested that Slimyscaly buy the speedway and become its owner/promoter as well as driver. Slimyscaly jumped for joy at the opportunity, bought it, and gave it a makeover. He also has a girlfriend, Lizzie Thigpen, who he started on racing in the Sportsman/Super Stock division in 2007, and she now races alongside him as a teammate/friendly rival.

Lizzie Thigpen

Birthdate: 1991

Sex: Female

Species: Dark Green Lizardwoman

Chassis: Rayburn

About: Lizzie met Slimyscaly in Middle School. Slimyscaly loved her appearance and her bright, cheerful personality. She moved in Lizard Lair with him in 2005, when they were in the 8th Grade (a lot of Randle County kids leave home in their Middle School or High School years). She has Mild Mental Retardation/Intellectual Disability, which pretty much only shows when she acts a little immature, but she has an average accent, not the stereotypical mentally disabled accent. As she puts it, "If you put me and my boyfriend side by side and hear us talk, you would think I know more, but when it comes to an IQ test, he definitely has the upper hand. Slimyscaly knows everything." She used to not be into racing, but Slimyscaly got her into it, and as soon as she sat her curvy butt into a race car, she would never look back. Like I said, she started in a Super Stock in 2007, then moved up to the Super Late Model division in 2009. She has won 80 events so far, and regularly places in the top five in championships, though has yet to win a track or series title.

Richard "Dick" Dyes

Birthdate: 1956

Sex: Male

Species: Grey Wolf

Chassis: Rayburn

About: Richard Dyes started racing in the late 70s, back when Dirt Late Models looked like todays Street Stock Camaros, albeit wider tires and sometimes bigger spoilers. His name actually comes from how my little sister used to pronounce "thick thighs," sounding like "Dick Dyes." In fact, the first paper car I made of his was one of his late 80s cars. He is good friends with Slimyscaly's Dad, Daniel, and they've traded paint a few times.

Foxie Ferr

Birthdate: 1966

Sex: Female

Species: Red Fox

Chassis: GRT

About: Foxie Ferr used to race Super Stocks, and is now a formidable competitor in Super Dirt Late Models. She is rich from her own business, "The Soft Vixen," which makes high-quality plushies and blankets of anyone in Randle County. Foxie is the "Diva" of the Randle County Late Model roster, with dashing good looks, and high class. Her younger brother, Kyle, also races in the Dirt Late Models.


Birthdate: 1995

Species: Tiger

Sex: Female

Chassis: Rayburn

About: When Slimyscaly was 14, he already was a force to be reckoned with in the Late Model division, and even made a Driver Development Program to help ease young kids racing Street Stocks into the Late Models. Thaiger was his first pupil. A few years younger than him, and a few grades behind him in school, Thaiger was 10 when she raced Pure Stocks at Dusty Bowl Speedway. A year later she fielded an orange-and-black dirt Late Model for Lizard Lair, and has raced it ever since.


Birthdate: 1974

Species: Thunderbird

Sex: Female

Chassis: Mastersbilt

About: Thunderbird is, as she puts it, "a gift from the Ford Gods." She was determined to race since she was five, and has only driven Fords. She now owns Thunder Ford, in Randle County City.

Stally N. Mustang:

Birthdate: 1980

Species: Brown Mustang Horse

Sex: Female

Chassis: Mastersbilt

About: Stally has the same pureblood Ford attitude as Thunderbird, but she is mostly a road racer, driving in numerous SCCA events in Randle County and the whole nation of Randleton. Thunderbird convinced her to race on dirt, and that Thunderbird will pay her expenses. So she decided to give Dirt Super Late Models a try, as Thunderbird's teammate.

Salsador Caliente

Birthdate: 1955

Species: Green Dragon

Sex: Male

Chassis: Mastersbilt

About: Salsador owns a catering business, and is a more laid-back, relaxed, fat, Mexican-food-loving, green bundle of cuddliness. He's been racing dirt late models since 1992, and has became Slimyscaly's top rival, and one of his best friends in the racing industry. For a while, I portrayed him as a lean, muscular, rose-in-mouth Latino heartthrob kind of dragon, but then when I came up with his younger brother, Draco, who, by the way, is also a DLM driver and is in the mod as well, who is the handsome one, I made Salsador go back to being the fat, soft, relaxed, nacho-eating dragon he used to be.

Bird 4X

Birthdate: 1966

Species: Black Man with a Bird Head

Sex: Male

Chassis: Rayburn

About: Bird 4X is another top Dirt Late Model driver around the Randle County Area. I haven't flushed out much details about him yet, except that his last name is 4X because some of us African Americans put X as our last name to represent our ancestors original African surnames, which are usually unknown because the slaves took on the last names of their mostly European-descended slave owners. Oh yeah, he also is a curator of the Randle County Black History Museum.

Terri Ceratops

Birthdate: 1961

Species: Triceratops


Chassis: Rayburn

About: My mom was thinking about making a custom cookie business, called "Just Good Cookies." So I made a character named Cera Tops, later changed to Terri Ceratops. She made a fortune off of her shop, Terri's Cookie Castle (Which at the time was Cera's Cookie Castle, an alliteration), and likes dirt racing in her spare time.


Birthdate: 1991

Species: Chicken

Sex: Male

Chassis: Rayburn

About: ChickenChicken is the owner of BokBok Farms, the top corn farm in Randle County. He likes his legs, as they're very meaty and look like drumsticks.

Bill Wolf

Birthdate: 1956

Species: Grey Wolf

Sex: Male

Chassis: Mastersbilt

About: Bill Wolf is the successful owner of Bill Wolf Chevrolet. He races to promote his dealership and meet new fans. His first name, I got from Bill Grey, a character from the StarFox video games, and his last name, Wolf, I got from Bud Wolf and Sam Wolf, who had seperate car dealerships in Indianapolis, the latter of which we went to and tried out conversion vans. It was hilarious, my little sister had on her sunglasses, and pretended to be a star, since those vans had Broadway lights in them, and I enjoyed riding in them and looking inside to see what kind of pimped out stuff they had in them.

Which Randle County Dirt Late Model Star are you?

Find out by downloading the mod here:


Modifieds, Super Stocks, Street Stocks, IMCA Stock Cars, and various Late Models are included in this 4-geared, Normal/Arcade Mode-ready mod.

Street Stock Heat

These are a new set of Street Stock chassis I made. Template is included. Look forward to an IMCA Stock Car carset sometime soon!


Hobby Stock

Pure Stock

Super Street Stock


88 Monte Carlo/Metric

80's Malibu

79-81 Camaro

Nova (will get a reshape soon)

These are all easy to handle, and good to start your NASCAR Heat dirt racing careers, as well as being good cars to master, figure out, and be a veteran at.

Dirt Modified Heat


Northeast Modifieds and Sportsman (shown left)

UMP Modifieds

IMCA Modifieds

IMCA Sport Mods

I'm going to make a fix for the IMCA/UMP Modifieds soon, where the side door panels are lined up correctly, so the paintjobs don't look as messy.

Dirt Sportsman Heat

This is for the mid-higher grade dirt stock cars.


UMP Sportsman (Super Stock, with and without spoilers)

Dirt Northeast Pro Stocks (shown left)

Ohio Stock Cars (Like what race at Eldora and Limaland)

Includes templates.

Hmmm, Maybe I'll make a new Dirt Pro Stock chassis out of my new STS Late Models. Expect that sometime in the future.

DLM Heat

DLM Heat is the definitive Dirt Late Model mod for NASCAR Heat (well besides SLM, maybe). It not only has Super Dirt Late Models, but also Crate and IMCA Late Models as well! And even UMP Modifieds and Super Stocks. Lots of variety, and includes 40+ real dirt Super Late Model drivers, courtesy of DTR2 modder Raymond Balch. And, my new car in each division! These are a blast to drive and I hope everyone enjoys them!

Please make sure to download this Patched UI.res Here if you want to configure your controls. Stupid pre-2016 Daveybird, rushing unfinished stuff...

Sprint Heat

Has 305, 360, 410 Wing, and 410 Non Wing Sprint Cars, featuring the 2014 World of Outlaws Sprint Cars and the PA Posse. Template is included.

SNAS 410 Sprint Cars (Wing and Non Wing)

Another conversion from Dirt Track Racing 2, these both have the same physics, and feature World of Outlaws Sprint Car drivers (which I did not paint). Just drag the .car files into the RSR2014 main folder, and the folders into the RSR2014/Carsets folder. Comes with Goodyear, Hoosier, and Non Wing carsets. Real fun and addicting to drive!

RSR Indy Series 2014

Want some more Open Wheel fun? This is my first attempt at making IndyCars from scratch. Has both IndyCars and Indy Lights. I've had it for a few months, but just now got around to releasing it. Has my old Dirt Late Model title screen.

SNAS SLMs and BLS TNLs for RSR Dirt Sim 2014

Two of the most exciting chassis for DTR2 arrive to RSR Dirt Sim 2014 and NASCAR Heat. Shown left are my SNAS Super Late Models, featuring 21 real drivers and 16 DTR2 all-stars, including me (DirtFalco). They have similar physics to the RSR 2014 Super Late Models. Also included are the TNL Thunder N Lightning DTR2 cars made by my good friend BLS_F1yer. The cars were updated on 3/31/2014, so please redownload if you downloaded before then.

Late Model and TNL Update 2, and the beta UMP Modified chassis (compatible with DTR2 Late Model paintjobs)

And I also have a PSD template if you want to create your own SLMs and TNLs:

The spoiler is now paintable, right above the left side part on the template at the very top.

Indiana Super Stock Sim

The UMP Sportsman Indiana Super Stock community is pretty nice, and I've talked to a lot ot the drivers over the years and followed Super Stock racing. Now I'm giving back to the community with this mod. More carsets coming soon!

UMP Sportsman Super Stocks V2 for RSR Dirt Sim 2014

These are the new Super Stocks. I added 10 drivers from Bloomington Speedway, and made several different chassis that have different roofs, but handle the same. Super1 has a kinda boxy rear roof support, Super3 has a smoother rear roof support, and Super4 has a smoother rear roof support and the front of the roof slopes down. Super5 is a Super3 with no spoiler, like some UMP Sportsman cars in certain areas and every WISSOTA Super Stock, and I made a rear panel out of the spoiler. Drag the folders to your RSR2014 Carsets folder and the .car files to the main RSR2014 folder. Base chassis by DRT.

IMCA Modifieds for RSR Dirt Sim 2014

I finally added IMCA Modifieds. They have no spoiler, the width is a little different, and they have an IMCA Spec engine. Base chassis by DRT.

IMCA Late Models and Crate Late Models for RSR Dirt Sim 2014

Crate Late Models use GM's Crate Circle Track Engine, like FASTRAK and NeSmith Series, and UMP Pro Late Models. IMCA Late Models use the IMCA Spec Engine. Crate LMs are a little bit faster than the UMP Modifieds, and IMCA LMs are a little bit faster than the Crates. Base chassis by DRT.

Midget addon for NSDR and RSR Dirt Sim 2014

These cute, little 4-cylinder Sprint-type cars are now in my RSR Roster. Credit to DRT for the original Sprint car model, which I rescaled and modified.

Credit to DRT

Credit to DRT

Credit to DRT

Credit to DRT

Extract the file found in the Midgets for RSR 2014 folder into the main RSR2014 folder, and extract the one from the Midgets for NSDR folder into the main NSDR folder. Open the Midget Carset folder found in the zip, and extract the same folder to the carsets folder for both mods. Now, you'll be able to race midgets!

RSR Dirt Sim 2014 Chassis updates and new Race.res:

Makes the cars handle better and adds a few new chassis. Unzip these files into the main RSR2014 folder. Carset update below is required.

RSR Dirt Sim 2014 Carset update:

Adds UMP Modifieds, UMP Sportsman Super Stocks, Pure Stocks, and Super Street Stocks. Unzip to your RSR2014/carsets folder.

RSR Dirt Sim 2014

First off, thank you DRT for the car models, as well as the creators of Camaro Cup and AAMC, and Scott Hawbaker. This is the new multi mod for RSR. More paintjobs and divisions to come. The download contains the following cars:

Super Late Model

Sprint Cars (410 NW and Wing, and 360 Wing) 

Bombers (Different models)

Carset Folder Update:  Download this and extract it into your RSR2014 Carsets folder:

Use the older RSR templates for these, not the 2014 templates. Except for the Bombers, which will have templates coming soon.

RSR has several different dirt mods to choose from, ranging from the easy to drive to the hardcore cars for the advanced drivers. The handling and feel of these cars is quite realistic compared to other NASCAR Heat dirt mods, but some are still kinda fast, but that's just because I like it. Most of these mods are meant to be ran in Expert realism mode, unless otherwise noted. Thanks to Mike Jackson from DRT Diamond Racing Team for letting me use his files as the base for mine, since he's done with NASCAR Heat. The driver rosters for most of these mods except the Stock Cars and Wedge Karts are mostly the DRT guys, with a few real dirt late model drivers added to the dirt late model mod.

Go Kart Carset for NSDR:

We finally have a dirt/asphalt oval go kart mod for Heat! But I think Cospers made one a few years ago, but it was unreleased. They just shown screenshots of it. Anyways, drag the zip's .car files into the main NSDR folder, and open the zip's carsets folder and drag the Dirt Go Karts folder into NSDR's Carsets folder. Then swap carsets whenever you want to and make sure you swap both paint and drivers.txt. These are a blast to drive, and while they go kinda slow, it seems like they're going kinda fast due to being low to the ground. Includes which is the default oval go kart, and which is my personal kart with my head on it. I'll also include a more realistic version of these chassis in the upcoming RSR 2014 mod.

NSDR Go Kart Template in PSD format:

So you can paint your own Go Karts.

NSDR: Normal Sim Dirt Racing

Using the DRT Elite Late Model, Sprint Car, E-Modified, and Street Stock chassis as the base, these dirt cars may not handle much like dirt, but are every bit as fun. They need to be run in Normal mode, so this means no setups, easy handling, it's all about the driver! And download the original RSR templates found Here to paint cars for this mod.

Divisions included:

Super Dirt Late Model

UMP Modified

Sportsman (Super Stock)

410 Sprint Car (Wing and Non Wing)

Super Street Stock (Bomber)

RSR Crate Wars: Fastrak Vs. NeSmith

This is for all you Crate Late Model fans out there. There are 16 Fastrak Drivers and 16 NeSmith drivers, some from the touring series, others from the weekly racing divisions. The rsrclm chassis is the Fastrak car, and rsrclm2 is NeSmith, each with minor differences.

Falco Barefoot Racing

the Starfox characters did not get their legs amputated. Falco and several of his relatives take to the track to run barefoot against each other. Really cute mod, even though the Falcos aren't animated.

RSR Dirt Late Models

Dirt Late Models are the fastest dirt oval car that are not a sprint-type car. There are kinds for almost every budget. There's the Crate Late Models, which use automotive manufacturers' performance engines that ship in a wooden crate, and have less power than the other late models at about 300-600 HP, but are more affordable than the rest of them. Regular Late Models, called UMP Late Models in this mod, have 700+ HP engines. Super Late Models have 900+ HP. Make sure to download the update below.

RSR Dirt Late Model Update 1

This update fixes the carset issue, and adds two new divisions. The Arcade Late Model Rumble division is an easy-handling class and should be run in Normal mode. The UMP Sportsman Super Stocks are mid-grade race cars called a lot of things, like Stock Clip Late Models, Limited Late Models, Super Street Stocks, Limited Sportsman, Sportsman, Pro Stocks, etc. They should be run in Expert mode, just like most of the other ones.

RSR UMP Modifieds

These are similar to the Super Stocks, except they have more customizable suspension, and they are open-wheeled in the front, which gives them an Indy Car-like appearance.

RSR Sprint Cars

Sprint cars are bare-bones race cars, built for one thing: going around dirt and pavement short track ovals faster than any other division, ever. They have minimum weight, and maximum power, 410 Sprint cars sometimes have about 990 HP, in their 410 cubic inch engines they stuff inside their little hoods. 360 Sprint cars have a little less, and have 360 Cubic inches. I was kinda reluctant to do these cars at first, but since I made a bunch of Indiana tracks, I found it mandatory.

RSR Sprint Car Update

Fixes the AI.

RSR UMP Stock Cars

These are modified older street cars. Slow and heavy, but a lot of beatin' and bangin'. A lot of higher-level dirt and pavement race drivers used to cut their teeth in these things. There are two car division rosters. The Pure Stock division has lightly-modified older street cars with street tires and lower HP engines. The Super Street Stock division, or "Bombers" as we call them here in Southern Indiana, are a little more heavily modified than the Pure Stocks. They have higher HP engines, spoilers are allowed, and have racing tires.

RSR Wedge Karts

These are simple wedge shapes that you can draw driver figures on. They can be run in both normal and expert mode and be equally as fun. They have low HP, and there are three different chassis: lightweight, middleweight, and heavyweight, each with their own properties for weight, speed, size, and grip. A lot of cute, comical characters have shown up to race these, from video game characters, to my own original characters. Let me warn you, this mod has mild suggestive themes, but that should be okay, unless you're driving as Halie in cockpit view.

Wedge Kart Chassis Update

Fixed the problem where the lightweights always trailed behind.

RSR Templates

Templates for the Late Models, Modifieds, Sprint Cars, and Stock Cars. Super Stocks use the Late Model template.

Wedge Kart Template

PSD template for the Wedge Karts


RSR Update Pack
For all RSR Mods. I made the following changes:


The Super Stocks, Modifieds,  Crate Late Models and Super Street Stocks have more HP. The Crate Late Model engine is actually based on the GM CT525 Crate motor.


I fixed the AI in the Sprint Cars.


I fixed the Modified car models


I added 360 Sprint Cars to the RSR Sprint Car Mod.


I fixed the carset issue ONCE AND FOR ALL!


Don't replace the folders in NASCAR Heat with these, just extract the content. You must first have the Super Stock Carset for the Late Models.

RSR Sprint Update 2

Removes the "DIRT Sprint Car Series" text on the 410 and 360 wing sprint cars' wings.

Chassis Updates

Updated Sprint Car and Super Stock Chassis'.


SUPR Late Model addon

SUPR's famous big-spoiler late models come to NASCAR Heat! These cars have a little more torque, less horsepower, bigger spoilers, and more downforce than the Super Late Models. Drag and drop these contents into the RSRLateModels 2013 folder. Don't forget to open up the carsets folder in the zip and put the folder inside of it in your carsets folder, so you won't lose the rest of 'em!

SUPR Update

Fixed the grip and now the AI doesn't act wonky. Extract this into your RSR Late Model Mod folder.


RSR Hornets Addon for RSR Stock Cars

Hornets, 4-cylinder Bombers, Crazy Compacts, Mini Stocks, Front Runners, or whatever you call them, these cute little 4-cylinder, front wheel drive, mostly unchanged compact cars finally made it into sim racing, and are slow, smooth, easy, and relaxing to drive. Just put these into your RSRStockCars folder and choose the Hornets carset.

RSR Super Stocks

The Super Stocks are in a standalone mod this time. They have an updated body style.

RSR 2013 Dirt Late Model Car Set Pack

Here's some new carsets for the late models. Contains a lot of new carsets with paint schemes I made for the Carsets folder, along with the original DRT paint.res if you want to use it again, and a new Limited Late Model Chassis, which goes in the mod's main folder. Just rename paintold.res to paint.res and put it in the mod folder if you want to race DRT cars again, otherwise, make sure to swap the paint.res when you swap carsets. A playable pace car is included just in case you want to watch the AI race. Otherwise, you can remove it.

RSR 2013 Sprint Carset Pack

Here's the new paintjobs for the RSR Sprint Car mod. Extract these into the Carsets folder, swap the paint.res and drivers.txt while swapping, and make sure to back up the original paint.res just in case you don't like it.

RSR 2013 Super Stock Carset Update

Treat this like the other carset packs. Make a carsets folder, put the folder from the zip into the carsets folder, backup the old paint.res, swap both the paint.res and drivers.txt, remove the pace car, and enjoy! 

RSR Motorbikes (Beta)

This is a beta version of my motorcycle mod. This is still a WIP, as there are things that still need to be fixed, like the splash screen is the same as the Late Models.. Also, please note that there are some riders in thongs, pretty much for comic relief, so don't get disturbed. And here's Falco from Starfox on one, lol! He's riding without his boots, so he's gonna get his feet dirty!

2013 Arcade Super Late Models

Ideal for fun, exciting racing in Normal mode. This is a carset for the RSR Late Models 2013 mod. Includes the updated chassis, which you put in the mod's main folder, and the 2013 Arcade Late Model folder, which you put in the carsets folder. Enjoy, and hold onto your seat for some white-knuckled action!

2013 Modified Update

I added a new chassis with shorter rear roof supports, and a new carset with paintjobs I made.

RSR Late Models Arcade Edition

This is a full, ready-to-run mod with the new Arcade Late Models.

RSR Sprint Cars Arcade Edition

Wing and Non Wing 410 Sprints designed for Normal mode.

RSR Modifieds Arcade Edition

The Normal mode version of my new Modifieds.

Outlaw Koopaling Heat

If you're an old school Mario gamer, you know who the Koopalings are, right? Bowser's seven kids besides Bowser Jr. Like Lemmy, Iggy, Ludwig, Roy, Larry, Morton, and Wendy. But according to Shigeru Miyamoto, as of now, they're not his kids, just his minions, which I guess is a way to explain their "baby brother" Bowser Jr. bossing them around.

Anyways, this is a fun little gag mod with all seven Koopalings, using their models from New Super Mario Bros Wii. They all handle equally, and are best driven in Normal Mode. Enjoy!

Smash Heat

This is yet another Nintendo-themed mod, this time, with some of my favorite Smash Bros versions of characters. Not to mention, Ludwig and Iggy (Koopalings) managed to sneak in as well. Roster:

Falco (Smash Bros Brawl)

Fox (Smash Bros Melee)

Bowser (Smash Bros Melee)

Donkey Kong (Smash Bros Brawl)

Peach (Smash Bros Melee)

Ludwig (New Super Mario Bros Wii)

Iggy (New Super Mario Bros Wii)

There might be more characters soming in soon, possibly Melee Falco, Mario, Mewtwo, and Yoshi!

All characters (C) Nintendo!

Smash Heat Update Pack

This includes several new characters to choose from. Put the .car files and drivers.txt in the SmashHeat folder.

New additions:

Mewtwo (Melee)

Yoshi (Brawl)

Mario (Melee)

Falco (Melee) (called Falco*)

RSR 2014 Mods:

Late Models (Crate, IMCA, Super):

Super Stocks:

Modifieds (UMP, IMCA):

Street Stocks:

These cars use my own models and handle a little differently. Instead of braking to turn, you simply let off the throttle, and slide, similar to what I hear about real dirt racing. These are a blast to drive and I think they are actually more fun than my old ones.

RSR 2014 Templates

Here are the templates for the 2014 Late Model/Super Stock, Modified, and Street Stock. You are going to have to make the wheel wells alpha channels, as well as the black/gray part of the rear in the Late Model/Super Stock and Modified.