RSR: Randle Sim Racing

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Here's where i put random files that might be of some use.



Want your XBox 360 controller to rumble? Here's how. Plus, you can assign any button/stick to any DirectInput button that way. It only works for certain XBox 360 controllers, and not Xbox One controllers. It's not available on GBATemp anymore, so I figured I'd put it here. I know that it works with the official XBox 360 wired controller and the Afterglow AX1 (early model, not their later model) controller, but not with the later model Afterglow or official XBox 360 wireless controller. If you're using Windows 8-10, you need to Shift Restart your computer, go to Troubleshoot, Advanced, Startup Settings (some computers have it under More Options), click on it, and press 7 or something (whichever number it says to press) to Disable Driver Signature Enforcement. When you install it then, it'll warn you that it's not certified. Click yes anyways, which is the bottom answer. You need to have all controllers that you will use XBCD with plugged into the computer.