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RSR is a site dedicated to dirt oval sim racing games. We make cars, mods, and tracks for NASCAR Heat, rFactor, and NASCAR Racing 2003 Season. most of which use Mike Jackson's DRT mods and tracks as the base. I'm even experimenting with my own models now.It's free if you don't want to play the original game and just race the dirt cars, just go to to download "NASCAR Heat Mod Essentials." So take a look around and see what you can find!

8-3-2023--See ya at Weebly

RSRFactor STS 2 is now released on the rFactor Downloads page, but this site will be shut down on August 31, so I'm in the middle of migrating to Weebly (Webs acted like it was on the fritz, anyway, for the last several years). Link is . Nothing there as of now, but sharing so you can get ready. At the last minute, I decided to have RandleSimRacing instead of RSRDirtSim because of the increasing amount of Asphalt/Pavement content RSR is making. All my mod files are safe, because they're all either on MediaFire and Google Drive, Webs can't fit them anyways without a paid membership, which I already had at the two aforementioned filehosting sites. This place had a good run as my central location on the Internet, but now I have to move forward elsewhere. Thanks for your support, see ya later!

2-13-2023--Super Bowl for RSR's 2022-23 Season

Just about done with my release cycle for Holidays 2022-23. Mods and patches available on the rFactor Downloads page.

1-29-2023--Last Tracks of 2022

Wrapping up my 2022-23 Trackpacks was a bit slower than usual. I still have a few more mod updates left, but RSR's Holiday Season is over for tracks. Check out the rFactor Downloads page for tracks both old and new. For ease of navigation, they will be listed under the rest of the 2022 tracks in-game.

12-3-2022--Dirt, Asphalt, 1 Mile or Less

These are the only things my latest trackpack have in common. Check it out in the rFactor Downloads page. Dirt Modifieds 3 and Open Wheel 2 also have updates, as does Nazareth Speedway from Paved Trackpack 1. Everything that received an update this weekend has the patch applied to the main installer, except for Open Wheel 2, which has a physics swap folder if you want to go back to the previous.

11-27-2022--Weekly Tracks for the Week

Tonight, the 2022 RSRA Weekly Trackpack for rFactor 1 is released, featuring both old and new RSRA venues, like the state-of-the-art Pick-Quik Park pictured. Get it on the rFactor Downloads page.

11-20-2022--Open Wheel Excitement!!

RSRFactor 1 Dirt Modifieds 3 and Open Wheel 2 are now released, along with their templates and VEH files, and also a new Dirt and Asphalt Trackpack headlined by Nashville Fairgrounds Speedway. On the rFactor Downloads page. Thanks Bruce Carroll, Vitor Souza, and everyone else who helped!!

10-9-2022--That Time of Year Again!!

Starting our annual End-Of-Year Content Drop for rFactor 1 and possibly 2. Aptly kicking it off with a Northeast-themed set, RSRFactor NorthEast 2 and 2022-23 Trackpack 1 with every Northeast track we have are now available on the rFactor Downloads page. I also put up the first beta for RSRFactor 2 Dirt Late Models. The handling and AI on those cars has gotten way better since, so an update for those is on the way.

11/17/2021--RSRFactor 2021 Content

Wow, more than a year since I last posted here. I uploaded my newer mods and tracks to the rFactor Downloads page, so check them out if you haven't yet. Still more to come, now until mid-January, when I take a break for reality, and other projects in gaming and art.

10/29/2020--RSRFactor Updates

Check out the rFactor Downloads page for patches for my rFactor mods and tracks. These are the final uploads before the Holiday Editions, as I take a break, hoping to return around Christmas with the Holiday Editions of this year's mods and trackpacks, which will come in both patch and standalone install versions. Until then, I still might post here some, but taking a break from my Facebook page.

5/24/2020--RSRFactor Memorial Day Weekend Extravaganza

So many rFactor releases this weekend. Check the rFactor Downloads page. Also check my YouTube channel, uploading some new racing videos there with the new mods in action!!

2/16/2020--RSRFactor 2020 Winter Trackpack

Still here, just busy with school, work, and bringing back RSR Pro Wrestling. I finally got the RSRFactor Trackpack out just in tiime for the Daytona 500!! Go to the rFactor Downloads page to get it now!!

1/1/2020--RSRFactor Dirt Late Models 3

Go to the rFactor downloads page to get my new Dirt Late Model mod and Gateway Dome track.

12/25/19--RSR UMP Sportsman Super Stocks

The Super Stock Sportsman Cars return to NASCAR Heat!! Go to Mods (Cars) to download!!

11/16/2019--RSR USAC Sprint Cars

Today I released RSR USAC Sprint Cars for NASCAR Heat. Go to the Mods (Cars) page to download.

11/9/2019--RSR NASCAR Heat Fall 2019 Releases

Today I released:

Fall 2019 Trackpack

World of Outlaws Sprint Cars

World of Outlaws Late Models

for NASCAR Heat. I'm still not done, obviously. I think I'll release the rest every week or other week, most likely in this order:

USAC, GNG, and UMP Sportsman

Pro Cup and Open Wheel

rFactor Late Models and Trackpack

rFactor Sprint Cars

rFactor Modifieds and Sportsman

In the meantime, check the Mods (Cars) and Tracks pages for the Heat tracks and World of Outlaws mods.

12/26/2018--VIndyCar 2018 DX Released

Go to the Pavment Mods page to get my VIndyCar 2018 DX NASCAR Heat mod!

11/30/2018--RSR Pro Wrestling 2019 Released

Head on over to the RSR Entertainment page for RSR Pro Wrestling 2019!!

11/10/2018--Gilpin and Tanner English join the RSR Dirt Late Model Roster

Today, I released the first expansion packs fro DLM 2K19 and RSRFactor Dirt Late Models 2018, the addition of Devin Gilpin and Tanner English, as well as patching a couple of drivers' paintschemes in DLM 2K19 for Heat.

11/6/2018--RSR Heat Fall 2018 Releases

I released a whole bunch of stuff for NASCAR Heat today. The Mods are DLM and Sprint Cars 2K19, RSR Dirt Sim 4, and STS 2K19. The Tracks are a trackpack that contains new tracks like East Bay, Duck River, Plymouth, Dirt Track at Texas, a new Bloomington, and way more, and Clay Lizardman Festival, a red clay hex oval where I put lizardmen who I made out of clay in in a tribal/art festival/art deco/craft/fantasy setting. 


DLM 2K19:

More than a roster update. New Super Late Model faces that have been popular for decades such as Darrell Lanigan, Don O' Neal, Bub McCool, and Dale McDowell; New faces that are younger and new to the sport, such as Kyle Bronson, Hudson O' Neal, and Tyler Erb; a new host of drivers in the other Late Models divisions hailing from Fastrak, NeSmith, IMCA, ILMS, and the return of SUPR to RSR Heat; and new game character drivers who have been in the business in my head for at least a decade, like Bowser, Fox McCloud, Krystal McCloud, and K. Rool; and Super Stock drivers like Travis Howe, Steve Peeden, Jamey Wilson, and Justin Jeffries; in their respective divisions and in "All-Star" carsets with every last driver for every type of Dirt Late Model feature. And new physics that are easy to learn and addicting. Also, race right off the bat, as it's preloaded with tons of AI and setups for numerous tracks. Offline series include seasons loosely based on the World of Outlaws Late Models, Lucas Oil Late Models, IMCA Deery Brothers Summer Tour, and the fictional Satrday Night All-Stars Late Model Series. Strap in for the ride of your life!!

Sprint Cars 2K19:

A few changes to 2K19, added in some new chassis, a bunch of Non Wing drivers, and updated drivers who were in last year. Physics are lightning fast, as I've figured out that anytime I make a NASCAR Heat car that's under 2000 lbs, I've got to weigh it down with a minimum spring rate of 400-500. And it still performs light as a feather!! I'm applying this to my IndyCars as well. Easy 9s at Bloomington!! Offline series include seasons loosely based on the World of Outlaws, Lucas Oil ASCS 360 Winged, USAC Indiana Sprint Week, the fictional Saturday Night All Stars Sprint Car series, and weekly Non Winged racing from Bloomington, Randle County, Dusty Bowl, Lincoln Park, Paragon, and Tri State. Time to go for it!!

RSR Dirt Sim 4:

While the RSR Dirt Sim 2017 Late Models and Sprint Cars have been promoted to standalone mod status, that leaves the RSR Dirt Sim mod for "all those other divisions," like Modifieds, Sportsman Super Stocks, Pro Stocks, Street Stocks, Hornets, I even threw in my experimental Super Saloon chassis for all those NZ tracks out there!! Series include Weekly for Bloomington, Tri State, Dusty Bowl, and more!! 4 may not be the right number, but it's the latest in RSR Dirt Sim, and is the start of a new direction for the mod!

STS 2K19:

Occasionally, I like to turn to the dark side. Pavement, that is. Various Pavement Late Models, Modifieds, Street Stocks, Sprint Cars, and more are featured. Don't forget to download the track pack, and read the document about the other required tracks for the ofline series!

All of these mods come with:

AI for all my new tracks and some others

A ReadMe with a bunch of details and FAQs

Offline series for career mode (the 2018 Series trackpack is recommended for the dirt series, to speed up the acquiring of tracks for them)

Multiiple divisions

Setups for the different cars for different length tracks (accessible by Shift clicking the Load button in Garage mode)

The options.cfg that I usually use (XBox 360/One controller-ready, especially if you download the Xbox One force feedback drivers from Steam)


Trackpack includes tracks like:

Plymouth Raceway, a 1/3 Mile Dirt Oval that you can also race the 1/6 mile go kart track.

Bloomington Speedway 2018: The famed college town track gets a complete facelift and is higher banked, faster, and more winding.

The Dirt Track at Texas: Across the street from the Ft. Worth venue's main Pavement Oval, this track hosts the Dirt Track World Championships, weekly racing, and SUPR.

The Dirt Track at Las Vegas Motor Speedway: Another Speedway Motorsports Dirt Track, I have officially done all Speedway Motorsports Dirt Tracks now. Charlotte, Check several times. Texas, Check. Las Vegas, Check. Dirt Bristol, Check a long time ago. A rip from Ratbag's World of Outlaws 2002 Sprint Car game, it's a fast, 1/2 mile Dirt Oval outside of Las Vegas Motor Speedway. The K&N Pro West Series ran there this year, so it's cool to run the K&N Pro mod here, even though it was from awhile back.

Clay Lizardman Festival: A fictional red clay hex oval that is all about my creativity and artistic ability. it is not only unique and original in shape, but also in design and setting. A dirt track in a fantasy world filled with funny Lizardmen who are made out of clay. This track doubles as a marketplace, with tons of booths for armor, weapons, pottery, and bagels, lizardmen love their bagels. Drive abound on a test run to explore, but don't get caught up in the details on race day!!

Paragon Speedway: A 3/8 mile dirt oval in a park-like setting in Paragon, IN, outside of Martinsville, I finally finished the first true edition. Be careful for them hairpin turns!!

Cedar Lake Speedway: A NASCAR Whelen All-American Dirt Track in New Richmond, WI, it is fast, scenic, and races NASCAR weekly racing that is identical to WISSOTA, so that drivers from other tracks can compete.

And way more tracks than that!! 

What's next for RSR Heat this year?

VIndyCar 2018 DX (new physics, updated UI photos, new tracks, new IR-18 model to prepare for IndyCar All-Time, which is expected late May 2019)

RSR Karts 2K19 (Will possibly coincide with the release of Super Smash Bros Ultimate, fittingly)

Skateboard update for RSR Central (adds new characters and skateparks, more of a personal comedy mod but hey, some others might find a bit of joy in it!)

What's on the horizon after that?

Other than the annual 2K mods and updates to existing mods, I'll embark on new journeys, including:

Carsets for my mods, for real and fictional series, sometimes with UI updates.

IndyCar All-Time: IndyCar greats from every era compete in this big crossover event.

A full on Summer and Winter RSR Action Sports addon for RSR Central, and I'll have funny videos and coverage of them, like RSR's X Games.

GNG Crown: The "Next Gen Big Cars" will get a standalone mod.

And of course updates for my rFactor Sportsman, Street Stocks, possibly my Modifieds.

So what are you waiting for?! Headon over to the top of the Mods (cars) and Tracks pages to download them!!


9/19/2018--RSRFactor Fall 2018 Releases

Today I released the RSRFactor 2018 Dirt Late Models and Sprint Cars, and the RSRFactor Fall 2018 Trackpack, all on the rFactor Downloads page. Let the RSR Release Season begin!!

8/4/2018--RSRFactor Track Pack 1

Wanna tackle the high banks of Bloomington? Wanna run the flat-out Paragon? Wanna run the super-short Macon? Wanna race at the Indy Fair "Track of Champions," one of the very few Dirt Fairground Mile Speedways in existence? Then head on over to the rFactor downloads for my latest track releases!!

7/31/2018--A New Era for RSRFactor

With my new attitude towards my rFactor mods, sorta releasing them with frequent updates and the same download link, I'm starting things off with my first pavement Open Wheel Formula (non-Sprint-type) mod, VIndyCar 2018 for rFactor. I didn't add in all the drivers yet, but I have the car models and Corneria Motor Speedway.

7/8/2018--Lawrenceburg 2018

Today I released Lawrenceburg 2018 for Heat on the Tracks page.

7/4/2018--Happy 4th of July!! Let's Celebrate with some Good Ol' American Dirt Track Racin'!

I released DLM and Sprint Cars 2K18 DX on the Mods (Cars) page, with their full-on 2K19 versions set for late this year. And on the tracks page, I released my Home Bird Tracks, which are realistic-style fictional American Dirt Ovals. Happy Independence Day everyone!!

6/16/2018--Home Bird Tracks

No release yet, but I'm making some tracks that are fictional, but realistic dirt and maybe pavement ovals, called Home Bird Tracks. The fans and people in it will be cute, adorable, cuddly bird-headed people in underwear/trunks, and barefoot, who wish you a happy and fun-filled race.

Track list so far:

Rogers Speedway: 1/4 Mile Dirt Oval with no walls and minimal seating.

Thunder Mountain Speedway: 4/10 Mile Dirt Oval that's more high-quality.

Plainville Speedway: 4/10 Mile high quality track with a hangout center.

Parkerston RacePlace: 1/2 Mile Dirt Oval.

6/14/2018--RSR Central

Today, I added RSR Central and some modpack downloads for it over at the RSR Powersports page.

6/2/2018--Summer of Crafts

Today, I added a link to my new site, RSR Craft Supply, which will have a ton of stuff for modeling clay, scenes, racing decals, and face decals. It's still a WIP, and is over on the links page, or Here

5/20/2018--VIndyCars for Heat

In celebration of the Indy 500 in a week, I released a mod for my fictional VIndyCar series. With drivers ranging from Daveybird, to Falco Lombardi, to Lord Shen, to Sonic, to Tails, to Knuckles, to Ken, to Ryu, to Megaman X, to Cyber Peacock, to Diddy Kong, to Iggy Koopa.

If you don't want to take the extra few seconds to head on over to the Mods (Cars)                                                                                        page, Download it Here!!

4/15/2018--Spring Track Pack and Sprint Cars

Today, I released the RSR 2018 Spring Trackpack, with tons of old and new tracks, as well as an experimental chassis pack for the Sprint Cars 2K18 Cars. #AccurateRightRearTire


4/5/2018--Another Throwback Thursday, Plus some new stuff!!

Today I added some modpacks for RSR Classic, including IMCA cars and VIndyCar Betas, as well as some new tracks, including Owensboro's Windy Hollow Speedway's first ever appearance in a sim racing game, and updated physics for DLM 2K18.

2/8/2018--Throwback Thursday

I released a NASCAR Heat mod on the Mods (Cars) page called RSR Classic, which showcases some of my old mods and tracks, with updates every Thursday.

1/21/2018--First RSRFactor Uploads of the Year

You can go to rFactor Downloads to get the RSRFactor Sprint Cars 2018 Beta and RSR International Speedway for rFactor!!

1/20/2018--NR2003 Short Track Heaven

I added some updates and stuff, and also some alphas for my 2018 Dirt and Pavement Street Stocks, and Dirt Modifieds. If you don't want to go to the Mods (Cars) folder to download them, then:

Asphalt Street Stocks

Dirt Street Stocks

Dirt Modifieds

All come with Templates and CarViewers.

12/30/2017--A Few More Things for the Year!!

Today I added RSRFactor Late Models 2017 V2, RSRFactor Sportsman Super Stocks 2017, RSRFactor Street Stocks 2017, and the RSRFactor 2017 Beta Trackpack (rFactor Downloads), and for Heat, Indiana Super Stock Sim V2, and a Beta Trackpack for Heat (Mods (Cars) and Tracks)

DLM 2K18, Sprint Cars 2K18, and RSR Pro Wrestling 2018 Released

Three new RSR releases as part of my Inagural Holiday Break Flurry of Mods. Earlier this year, I stated that I will release a bunch of mods that I had about half or 3/4 done by then, during Christmas break. Well here are some. I'm updating the Heat mods with a few extra things, but I'm putting the mods up here now in the meantime. DLM and Sprint Cars 2K18 are on the Mods (Cars) page, and RSR Pro Wrestling 2018 is on the RSR Entertainment page.

If you don't want to go to these pages, then:

DLM 2K18 Download Link

Sprint Cars 2K18 Download Link

RSR Pro Wrestling 2018 Download Link

RSRFactor Dirt Late Models 2017, Tread Your Own Path

My 2017 Late Models have been released!! With hidden Goody Bags that are Zip files in the mod folders that contain extra cars, drivers, and tracks, and will be a staple for most RSR Heat and rFactor mods to come!!


Download it Here!!

10/7/2017--RSR Pro Wrestling 2017

Today I added the first RSR Pro Wrestling 2017 Alpha. It's a modded version of MDickie's old game, Wrestling MPire Remix. Go to the RSR Entertainment page to check it out!!

7/16/2017--NR2003 Sprints

First of all, I wanna apologize for all the missing photos. Photobucket has apparently been acting modern recently and is charging for third-party hosting. I'm gonna upload some of my photos here as JPGs to save space and replace some of them.

Now I've got NR2003 Wing and Non Wing Sprint Car mods.

First time for the Non Wing Cars to be in NR2003. Not better-looking, but better-proportioned Wing Sprint Cars, a bit more Sprint Car-size than the old SuperSprint mod, which looks like it was trying to fit the NASCAR wheelbase.

Download Link:

6/25/17--RSRFactor Eldora 2017 Beta

My beta version of Eldora is on the rFactor Downloads page. I still plan on adding more stuff, like that black sign that says, "The House That Earl Built" and more. Thank you Bobby DiNardi and DLM2!

12/11/2016--You Get Some Nintendo Goodies as an Early Christmas Present

Enjoy the thrills, spills, and characters getting stripped when they're hit, of my new Wedge Karts. This is a WIP, so plenty more updates to come! In the meantime, head on over to the rFactor Downloads page, download the mod, and get Fox and Falco's feet dirty for me!

10/9/2016--RSRFactor Patches

I made the patch I said I wanted to make last night. In the rFactor downloads section, or here:

And the Sound patch:

And RSRFactor Dirt Late Models 0.55, already updated with all of the patches preinstalled:

Plus, I've got a new RSRFactor V3 Sprint Car patch, which fixes handling, on the rFactor downloads page, or over here:

10/8/2016--RSRFactor 2017 Late Models v 0.5

I added RSRFactor 2017 Late Models 0.5 Beta to the rFactor Downloads Section. These cars are easy to drive, and have good AI. They do have some bugs that I've gotta address soon:

Gates' car is all grey, probably a misnamed skin.

The AI cars over-rev. I probably need to make one or two final gear ratios.

9/1/2016--Skateboarding is On the Way!

Yes, I said it, Skateboarding, as part of RSR Powersports. Look at my RSRTV page for a preview. No grabbing or anything, but you can pull off some awesome flips and jumps!

Also, absolutely anyone has permission to use any of my content, all I'm asking is that you give me credit, and give any other model makers credit as well, which includes:


Bill Malicoat





7/4/2016--American Open Wheel Action

Today, I added the NOWRA series, which is like the pre-2012 Indy Cars, with my own fictional anthro drivers. Go to Pavement Mods (click "More" and then you should see it) and the mod description and download link is at the top! Happy July 4th everyone!

7/2/2016--Upcoming Products

I'm gonna release several files within a few weeks.

I'm working on a bunch of new tracks for Heat, including Canaan Fair Speedway, the first true Pavement track that I will make and release to the public! This would go good with the upcoming Whelen Modified mod that my friend DaveO is making!

And, of course, I'm still working on even more DLC for RSR Dirt Sim 2017. i've got most chassis done, I've just gotta paint about 20 different default cars for them.

And remember the RSR IndyCars 2016 mod I was working on, I rebranded it to the National Open Wheel Racing Association, NOWRA, and will use a lot of the planned drivers from the MSDRS Dirt Late Model Series, which is now cancelled. The peacock Phil Largetail is still at the top as far as how good of a driver he is!

7/1/2016--Sportsman and 300cc Oval Go Karts added

I added the Sim versions of my Super Stock Sportsman Cars and 300cc Go Karts as the first DLC divisions for RSR Dirt Sim 2017.

6/27/2016--Gas City 2017--Filled Up and Ready For Racing!

Today I released Gas City I-69 Speedway 2017, way better than the version I did a few years ago! Get it at the Tracks page!

6/25/2016--A Few Extras

I updated the Sim (non-AE) CT525 cars because they had a cockpit problem. If you don't want to go back to the Mods page to download the chassis update, click Here.

I also added three new tracks, credit to the rFactor guys. Fairbury American Legion Speedway (pictured left with the non-spoiler version of my upcoming Sportsman cars), Farmer City 2017, and Brownstown 2017. You can get them on the Tracks page.

6/24/2016--RSR Dirt Sim 2017 for NASCAR Heat is Released, Let's Sling Some Mud!

The RSR Dirt Sim 2017 base mod with the various Late Models is now on on the Mods page! Thank you so much Mike Jackson and DRT for the car models that I've added my RSR special touch to! Plus, look for much more Heat and rFactor content from me. Illinois' Faribury American Legion Speedway is having its first NASCAR Heat edition, converted from rFactor, and Farmer City Raceway will have a 2017 edition, converted from rFactor as well! And my Brownstown Speedway which was originally made by a guy named John is getting a bunch of objects from the rFactor version and a new track texture put on it for the 2017 edition! And plenty of new upcoming RSR Dirt Sim 2017 chassis and carsets for both the Sim and Arcade Edition are going to be released in the near future, along with different tracks, some redid, some converted from rFactor, some that have never been either in NASCAR Heat or under the RSR branding, and some entirely fictional tracks, in the real world, Randleton, RSR Town, or popular fictional areas from my favorite video games or TV shows. RSR Dirt Sim will have a very bright future if things go as planned. There will even be a carset of real Dirt Super Late Model drivers!

6/11/2016--RSR Dirt Sim 2017, as far as my Heat mods, is going to be The Greatest! Official Announcement Below!

RIP Muhammad Ali and Kimbo Slice, you could see I did a little shout out to Ali in the title. RSR Dirt Sim 2017, which will probably come out Summer 2016 or Summer 2017, will go back to using the DRT models I was bitched at for using years ago. However, DRT is just about over, and most of the models I want to use are exactly 10 years old this year. I will make a lot of changes to them. Add my own physics, tires, and parts to them, and make all of the paintschemes and interface by myself. I will also probably have some fictional carsets based on my animal human drivers racing in various dirt racing divisions, now that I have more control than ever to make it happen! There will be both Regular and AE (Normal, Arcade Mode, four0geared) for both versions. I'm also putting rFactor modding on indefinite hold. I would continue to make Sprint Car mods for it, but RSRFactor Sprint Cars V3 is pretty much exactly what I wanted out of an rFactor Sprint Car mod. The reason why I'm quitting rF modding for awhile is because the majority of American rFactor dirt fans went from liking easy-handling, fun cars that are good for beginners and veterans alike, to being overly obsessed with realism and graphics, and if I want more popularity with the mods I make, I've got to stick with Heat. I'll probably make the same skins and series that I will for my RSR Dirt Sim 2017 mods on RSRFactor Sprint Cars V3, DWD Late Models, Street Stocks, and Modifieds, and DM16 1.5 (Push Truck Edition) Late Models. But the Stock Car leagues are not required for rFactor. They are as accurate as I want them in Heat, and if you can make uneven rear tire sizes in Heat, the Sprints would be, too. The custom leagues will have their own Driver Select photos, with their car model and a brief summary of the driver and car. RSR Dirt Sim 2017 and RSR Dirt Sim 2017 AE will both be like this year's iteration. All divisions in one mod. Street Stocks will make their return, and there will be the North and Central Indiana Street Stock, NeSmith Street Stock, and Bloomington/Brownstown Bomber type, and the lower-level Paragon and Lincoln Park Bomber and Pure Stock variety. Late Model types will be 602 and 604 Crate, CT525, SUPR, Limited, and several engine types for Super. Modifieds will have IMCA, UMP, and USMTS versions. Sport Mods are a possibility. Super Stocks and Sportsman Cars will have spoiler and non spoiler chassis, with different body styles. Sprint Cars will have all the same as last time, plus there will be the possibility of adding 305 and 360 Non Wing cars. All of these will be available in both the regular and Arcade Edition of RSR Dirt Sim 2017. Welcome back to NASCAR Heat, Daveybird! 

Plus, next year, new Tri-State, Randle County, Dusty Bowl, and more tracks will be on their way! And possibly some entertainment, video game, and anime-themed tracks. Imagina a My Little Pony track in Equestria with colorful scenery, generic ponies in the grandstands, and the Mane Six in the front row (nope, still not a brony. Mostly doing this as a gift to my friend who is, so he can enjoy my streams more), Corneria Motor Speedway, The Dirt Track at Corneria Motor Speedway, and StarFox Speedway, both located in Corneria, the home planet for the StarFox Series. CMS will replace all Charlotte logos to say Corneria, as ever since the early 2000s I thought about Humpy Wheeler and Speedway Motorsports creating a Charlotte-style track in Corneria. Dunno, just sounds good, lol! And there'll be a Legends Car path for Corneria, too! I'll just replace the default Legends Charlotte textures with the Corneria ones. The Dirt Track at Corneria will be a retexture of the Charlotte Dirt Track, with added-in StarFox model extras, something I can't do with the main Corneria Motor Speedway, due to the original Charlotte Track having some objects with multiple textures, and when you export the GRF back to Heat, some triangles will show up with incorrect textures. ZModeler can do one object with multiple textures in MOD files, but can't export as GRFs. Which explains why Heat doesn't have a Charlotte with a video screen on the backstretch yet, until they get around to converting a newer NR2003 version. And StarFox Speedway is a 1/3 or 1/4 mile dirt oval on the outskirts of whatever city the main part of Corneria is where you first start almost every game. It is owned and promoted by the top 5 StarFox characters and occasional drivers, Fox, Falco, Slippy, Peppy, and Krystal. And what about a Sword Art Online Track with the main area as the background and the main characters in the front row in the crowd! And more Mario tracks! And most definitely a Kongo Jungle Dirt Oval Track! As I always say, there's more dirt than asphalt in the jungle!

And more Stadium and Arena tracks! They are awesome! To race in front of so many fans, in such a nice facility! Damn, I wish they did this in real life!

And more Randle County Tracks. I forgot to add Anthrony County Fairgrounds, another staple dirt oval in Randle County, a 1/2 mile dirt oval which is home to the Sprint 100, Randle County's Non Wing Sprint Car, Memorial Day, Indy 500 weekend tradition!

And more Fairground Mile Ovals! I might take all the objects from Indiana State Fairgrounds, but make a new racing surface, since the old one was ripped straight from NR2003 and had a jump. And a redo of Randle Fairgrounds!

And Farmer City! A long-overdue promise I made to Simulator owner Chrstopher Rhoads that I would convert DTR2 FCR to Heat. If I can find Fairbury American Legion Speedway, I'll do that, too!

A lot to look forward to, hopefully by the end of the summer, and mid next summer!

5/7/2016--Who's ready to race better Sprint Cars?

Today I added RSRFactor Sprint Cars V3 to the rFactor downloads page. Thanks to Bill Malicoat for the BOZ 2010 Sprint Car models! Plus, in a month or so, I'm making RSRFactor Late Models 2016! With heavily-enhanced DTR2 models. They will look way better than the original!

5/3/2016--RSRFactor Sprint Cars 2016

Head on over to the rFactor downloads page to get the RSRFactor 2016 Sprint Cars! I had a lot of fun driving them, and I'm sure you will, too!

5/1/2016--Back to Sim Racing and rFactor

Yup, I'm back in rFactor. DWD's Sprint Car mod disappointed me, so I decided to update mine. You can download a beta for it on the rFactor Downloads page. Also over there is the RSRFactor 4 Cylinders 2016 mod.

4/26/2016--Mewtwo Comes in on the Widescreen

Today I made a third beta for RFA, adding Mewtwo to the fighter roster, and making a regular and widescreen mode. Go to the RSR Powersports page to download!

4/25/2016--The New Challengers

Today I added a new beta for RFA, over on the RSR Powersports page. It has two new fighters, Bowser and Steveybird, and each character now has their own physics.

4/24/2016--IIIIIIT'S TIME!!

Like MMA but without the grappling? Like video game characters in sexy short trunks battling it out? Well head on over to my RSR Powersports page and download my RFA Ranfle Fighting Association Mugen mod beta! It includes four characters and four stages!

4/21/2016--Arcade Fun

Today I added the RSR Dirt Sim 2016 Arcade Edition mod over on the Mods (Cars) page. Includes everything from Crate and Super Late Models, to all kinds of Sprint Cars. Real easy to handle, and they slide a little during braking, so there's your arcade mode dirt racing! Even includes Sprint Cars, which I'm starting to not take so seriously in NASCAR Heat, since the game is not a good choice for Sprint Car simulation, rather for dirt Stock Car (Late Models, etc) simulation. And also, RIP Chyna and Prince.

4/20/2016--Time to Get High--off of Dirt Racing!

Today I added the RSR Dirt Sim 2016 Starter Pack, with cars, tracks, a bunch of stuff you will need if you want to go dirt racing in NASCAR Heat!

4/18/2016--Arena Dirt Racing and Faster Sprint Cars!

Today I released the RSR Arena dirt oval in the Tracks section! Approximately 1/5-mile temporary dirt track perfect for small cars, like Sprints, Midgets, and my newly-released Wedge Karts! I also added an update to RSR Sprint Cars 2015 which makes the Wing Sprints go much faster!

4/16/2016--RSR Wedge Karts 2016 Addon for RSR Dirt Sim 2016

Today I released the newest edition of my Wedge Karts, those go karts with silly animal drivers, and some familiar video game characters, much like the ones I did a few years ago, but bigger, character models improved, different physics, and my Dirt Late Model spoiler. Go to the Mods (Cars) page to download them, and drag and drop the contents to your NASCAR Heat folder. Got a funny character you want driving a wedge kart? We've got a template in the Zip file!

4/3/2016--Eldora 2016

I just redid Eldora a little, with better cameras and a faster track. You can download it on the tracks page.

3/8/2016--Let's go Retro!

Today, I added a Late Model Stock Car/Dirt Pro Stock and Whelen Modified carset for NASCAR Racing 1999 Edition.

2/17/2016--Daveybird Speedway 2016

Tonight I added what is more than a facelift to my old Daveybird Speedway. All new textures, track model, grandstands, and more. On the Tracks page.

2/16/2016--Let's get Dirty!

I added an update to my RSR Dirt Sim 2016 cars to have tires with dirt on them, with the help of my friend BD Ford. On the Mods (Cars) page.

2/15/2016--Slick it up

Today I added slick (less grip, feels more like dirt) versions of the two tracks I released yesterday, Bloomington and Panther Speedway 2016.

2/14/2016--Bloomington and Panther Speedway 2016

Happy Valentine's day! And I released some slightly remixed versions of my old tracks. They also have a "Fan Cam" version, where you can sit in the stands.

2/12/2016--RSR Dirt Sim 2016 for NASCAR Heat

I'm kinda getting back into NASCAR Heat modding. To start the year, I made a mod with Dirt Late Models, Modifieds, and Super Stocks.

11/24/2015--Randle County Speedway for rFactor

Today I added the rFactor version of Randle County Speedway, on the rFactor Downloads page.

10/2/2015--Sprint Cars Slide a Little at Gas City

I added a second RSRFactor Sprint Car Update, and a quick tutorial on how to make a DWD Gas City event file with better AI, both over at the rFactor downloads page.

9/23/2015--RSRFactor 4 Cylinder Update

In the rFactor Downloads page, I added an update to my 4 Cylinder Beta to make the cars not go so slow.

9/22/2015--RSRFactor 2015 Sprint Car Update

I noticed that my Sprint Cars weren't turning too much on my Weaver Park Oval, and they were running into the side and flipping, so I made the AI slide more. I also adjusted the wings a bit while I was at it. If you have the RSRFactor 2015 Sprint Car Mod, you need to have this. Go to the rFactor Downloads page or click Here to download. Just run the EXE, point the install to your rFactor folder where you installed my Sprint Car mod, and overwrite the files.

9/20/2015--Weaver Park Oval

Check the rFactor Downloads page for the Weaver Park Oval track, from DTR2, except it's not Figure 8.

9/16/2015--rFactor DTR2 Track Updates

I updated the DTR2 rFactor tracks so that the sectors would be correct. If you downloaded the track pack before 9/17, please download and install again.

9/15/2015--More rFactor Stuff

Head on over to the rFactor Downloads page, and I uploaded three DTR2 tracks for rFactor: South Central Oval, Spindale, and 41st Street, and a beta of a 4 Cylinder Hornet mod I'm starting, as shown to the left. It seems as if I'll be stopping all NASCAR Heat modding and switching to rFactor, at least for now. If you're wondering why I haven't made a Dirt Late Model or Modified mod for rF yet, it's because there are several out there already that I like, that people still race, and DWD made good mods for most of those divisions with the best AI. I might make a Super Stock mod, though, as I don't like how DWD's Sportsman cars turned out, with the exact same Late Model body. I'm more for modding cars for rFactor that either don't have many mods, or have a lot of mods, but don't have good AI.

5/13-2015--I'm Gonna be Live on the Air

I just created a Twitch account a few days ago and set up my streaming software. I'll be streaming two offline series for rFactor: Friday Night Late Models and Saturday Night Sprint Cars, both on their respective days, Froday Night Late Models airing at about 8 or 9 PM Eastern, 7-8 Central, and Saturday Night Sprints airing about an hour earlier. I'm gonna use the DWD Late Models 2013 mod (will switch to 2015 when they come out) and my RSRFactor 410 Wing Sprints.


I will race a 10-lap heat with 10 offline drivers. If I finish in the top half, I'll start in the high or middle in the A-Main. If I finish in the lower half, I'll have to race the 15-lap B-Main, and if I finish in the top 4 there, I'll start in the bottom 4 in the A-Main, or else my night is done, and the A-Main will just be a bunch of AI drivers racing. The A-Main is 30 laps with 24 drivers.

My Twitch account is: and if you're a Twitch member, you're welcome to chat and hang out with me!

5/7/2015--They're fixed

The RSRFactor Sprint Cars now have the sound files included in the main Zip. So download again, please, extract the folded in the Zip file to your rFactor folder, and you should have working sounds!

5/6/2015--Sprint Car Sound Files

If you downloaded the RSRFactor Sprint Cars and took them for a spin, you might've noticed there were no engine sounds. That was because I forgot to add the Sounds folder to my Zip folder. Download the sounds here or on the rFactor Downloads page, and drag and drop the contents over to your main rFactor folder. Special thanks to my good friend Kyle Roppe for the engine sounds!

5/5/2015--Sprint Cars for rFactor

I released an (almost) stress-free Sprint Car mod for rFactor with probably the best AI in any rFactor Sprint Car mod currently. Check it out and download at the rFactor Downloads page. I also added an extra event for Bloomington Speedway for rFactor which removes the infield tires like they did in real life this year. That's also in rFactor downloads.

4/5/2015--A Bunch of Stuff for Heat

Today I added RSR Sprint Cars 2015, RSR Late Models 2015 Chassis Updates, both on the Mods page and my 2015 Spring Track Pack on the Tracks page!

3/29/15--Bird Club 2015

Today, I released the kickboxing game, Bird Club 2015! It has a lot of bird-headed people like me, and both a ring version and a caged version. Download it in the RSR Powersports page!

3/25/15--RSR Dirt Late Models 2015

I'm kinda focusing more on rFactor now, but I remembered that I had to get the 2015 Dirt Late Models done. Available now on the Mods page!

3/10/15--Paved Street Stocks for rFactor

I'm starting to dabble in rFactor now with my Street Stocks. Download in the Pavement Mods section!

11/17/14--Randle County Speedway V2 and Bowser Motor Speedway

Head on over to the Tracks page for these two new tracks available for download, in both day and night versions, qualifying enabled!

10/12/14--IMCA Stock Cars for Street Stock Heat

Today, I added the IMCA Stock Cars carset for Street Stock Heat. Includes an 80s and 90s chassis, and 25 real drivers.

10/11/2014--Randle County Late Models and DLM Heat Arcade Edition

Today, I added DLM Heat Arcade Edition, which has four gears and is ready for Normal Mode, and Randle County Late Models (shown left), a mod which has 18 drivers who I made up during my childhood and has both Normal and Sim carsets. And, I also added Southeastern Randle County's Circle Park Speedway.

9/6/2014--Foxville Speedway

Today I added Foxville Speedway, available on the Tracks page.

9/3/2014--Bowser, Tri-State Speedway, and Templates

Today, in the RSR Powersports page, I added the RSR SX Templates, and Bowser as an extra rider. And also, the new Tri State Speedway is released. Go check the Tracks page!

8/29/2014--RSR Powersports Supercross Series

Check out the new RSR Powersports page to download my new SX mod and tracks!

8/24/2014--I Gave Myself a Bunch of Birthday Presents, and I'm Sharing Them With You!

Today's my 23rd birthday, and I also released a bunch of stuff:



Dirt Sportsman Heat

Sprint Heat

Dirt Modified Heat

Street Stock Heat

STS 2014 (Pavement)

Whew, dat's a lodda stuff! Lol! So you can go check them out! And to the left is a brand new Tri State Speedway I'm working on, which is a heavily-modified version of Scott Hawbaker's Tri State he made for DTR2 ages ago! Look forward to it in the next few days!

6/26/2014--DLM Heat UI Update and Beta Street Stocks

When I made the DLM UI, I accidentally forgot to put in the steering wheel model, and when you try to change your control settings, the game crashes. So here's the update, to replace the old ui.res and fix the problem: I will also repost the whole mod with the fix within a few days.

Also, I'm working on new Street Stocks. I made them using a DTR2 Pro Stock (more like Hobby Stock) model. I released the beta, but there's some more things I need to work on in order to finish it.

Put the Beta Street Stocks folder in DLM Heat's Carsets folder, and put the rest in its main folder. I also added a template, for anyone wanting to get a head start on painting their skin.

Oh, and looks like the background changed. There's my Street Stock. And gotta love my Sexy Black Man Bird with Big Hips body! XD

6/22/2014--DLM Heat

DLM Heat is released! The biggest news in the NASCAR Heat dirt community for almost ten years!


40+ real drivers in the Super Late Models, plus me.

DTR2 drivers in the other divisions (I'll make real drivers when I have time).

Three Super Late Model chassis configurations.

Two Crate Late Model chassis configurations

Three Super Stock Sportsman body styles, plus a non-spoiler chassis

IMCA Late Models

UMP Modifieds

This is a major mod that the dirt Heat community wants!

Get it now at the Mods page!

4/2/2014--Modifieds and Chassis Updates

Added the DTR2 Chassis Update 2 and Modifieds in the Mods (Cars) page.

3/31/2014--Chassis Updates and New Tracks

Added three new tracks, The Dirt Track @ Charlotte V3, Columbus Speedway MS, and Cherokee Speedway. Also, please redownload the BLS TNL and SNAS SLM pack, since I added a couple of missing drivers and fixed the physics and models. Now you can lift the left side of your Late Models up!

3/29/2014--New Chassis and Tracks

RSRN may be temporarily off the air, but I've still been hard at work. I added a whole bunch of stuff today. I converted Volusia, Bloomington, Terre Haute, and Volunteer from DTR2, plus a couple of chassis from there as well.

DTR2 Tracks I plan to convert sometime soon:

Columbus Speedway MS

Lucas Oil Speedway

NSDRA North Texas

41st Street



The Dirt Track @ Charlotte

Hill Valley


Farmer City



Just give me time and all of them should be done within the next few months!

3/22/2014--Lincoln Park Speedway

Added LPS, Lincoln Park Speedway, to the Tracks page. 5/16 mile dirt oval in Putnamville, IN.

3/12/2014--Indiana Super Stock Sim

Today I added Indiana Super Stock Sim, an extension of the real Indiana Super Stock cars I painted for NSDR. It's a standalone mod, and can be downloaded in the mods section. As a bonus, it comes with a few of my tracks, some of which race Indiana Super Stocks in real life. Base chassis by DRT.

3/9/2014--New Cars for RSR Dirt Sim 2014

I added several new chassis and carsets. UMP Sportsman Super Stocks V2 (pictured left), Crate Late Models, IMCA Late Models, and IMCA Modifieds. The new Super Stocks have some real drivers. Thanks to DRT for the base chassis! They're on the mods page.

And I did make that new Daveybird paper figure. Check the papertoys page to download him.

3/7/2014--Personally, I like being on the Air!

RSR launched its Youtube channel a couple of nights ago. It's here: RSR: Randle Sim Racing Network. It will feature plenty of RSR Shows and races! Hosted by me, Daveybird!

3/3/2014--RSR Midgets are here!

The little 4-banger open wheel cars have arrived for both the RSR 2014 and NSDR mods! Check the Mods (Cars) page to get them!


I added some updated and new chassis for my RSR 2014 Mod. I added UMP Modifieds, Pure Stocks, Super Street Stocks, and UMP Sportsman. I also updated the original cars, the Super Late Models and the various Sprint Cars to handle easier, so they won't be much of a hassle with a wheel. Download these at the Mods section!

2/22/2014-- 410 Wing Sprint Carset Update

Download this and extract it into your RSR2014 Carsets folder: I accidentally assigned the Wing 410 carset to use the 360 chassis. No wonder they were so slow. If you downloaded the first RSR 2014 Sprint Car chassis update, revert to the original wsprint chassis from the main download. There was nothing wrong with it to begin with, just the carset was pointing to the wrong chassis.

2/21/2014--Indiana State Fairgrounds 2014

I added the new version of The Dirt Track at Indiana State Fairgrounds! Look in the Tracks section!

2/20/2014--RSR Dirt Sim 2014 and Randle County Speedway

Today I added RSR Dirt Sim 2014 (thank you DRT for the car models) and Randle County Speedway, a fictional 3/8 mile red clay dirt oval. Real fun racing there.

2/17/2014--The Randleton Track Collection

For those of you who've known me for awhile, 2014 is the 10th anniversary of my little fictional place called Randleton, which I made up and placed a lot of dirt tracks in. Now that I'm better at track making, I'm gonna make some of those tracks that I could only dream about as a 12-13-year-old. First up, I made a newer, much less bumpy, Dusty Bowl (pictured left), and the Rot Box, which is a rounded-square dirt oval.

2/15/2014--New Tracks, New RSR Mods coming soon

Tonight I added several new tracks: Gas City I-69 Speedway, Brownstown 2014, Daveybird Speedway (pictured left), and The Dirt Track at RSR Fairgrounds.

I'm also working on new RSR Mods (using the DRT cars as the base, but with vastly different physics). Late Models, Sprint Cars, Super Stocks, UMP/IMCA Modifieds, Street Stocks, and Bombers (different than the RSR Street Stocks, these use various muscle and production-style cars not commonly used as Street Stocks or Bombers). They will all be different carsets in a single mod, kinda like Platinum. The Super Late Models and Bombers, which I have gotten the farthest with as of now, will be included with the main RSR file. For the Late Models, 410 Wing Sprint Cars, Modifieds, and Super Stocks, I will also release real driver carsets at a later date. 

The 410 Wing Sprint Cars will have these WoO drivers:

Steve Kinser

Steve Kinser (Quaker State)

Kraig Kinser

Terry McCarl

Karl Kinser

Tim Kaeding

Joey Saldana

Donny Schatz

Danny Lasoski

Maybe more.

The Dirt Super Late Models will have the following Lucas Oil/Woo drivers:

Scott Bloomquist

Donnie Moran

Brian Shirley

Brian Birkhofer

Chub Frank

Shannon Babb

Jason Feger

Don O' Neal

Austin Dillon

Tim McCreadie

Steve Francis

Dale McDowell

Tyler Reddick

Kent Robinson

Darrell Lanigan

Steve Casebolt

Vic Coffey

John Blankenship

Billy Moyer

Billy Moyer, Jr.

Josh Richards

Bart Hartman

Terry Phillips

Earl Pearson, Jr.

That should make a full A-Main field of 24.

The Super Stocks will include these Bloomington Speedway drivers, both current and legends:

Jack Frye (2008, current)

Jeremy Hines (2008 UMP Sportsman National Championship car)

Lee Hobbs (2003, 2008, 2009)

Josh McDaniel

Danny Harris (2005)

Josh Burton (2007, RIP)

Steve Peeden (current, and Josh Burton memorial scheme)

Travis Howe

Winston Howe

Steve Hollars

Chris Hillman (2005, 2009)

Kyle Porter (my high school friend who was a rookie last year)

Chip Slagle

Randy Petro

11/19/2013--In the Infield

I added the Charlotte infield track for the Legends. I know I'm breaking the rules, but let's face it, it's been a pet peeve of mine ever since I heard about the Legends mod that there wasn't a Charlotte infield track to run them on like they did on the Speed Channel. I finally scratched that itch. I did nothing to the track but make the line go around the inner track. Enjoy!

11/18/2013--I Updated a couple of Tracks

I updated Seedtick Raceway, and Daveybird's Backyard, so please redownload if you downloaded them in the past two days. For Daveybird's Backyard, I made it so that the AI Go Karts won't go too low in the turns, hit the curb, flip horrifically, and get lost in the woods. For Seedtick Raceway, I fixed the "green flag drops as soon as the race loads" problem. I also updated the Go Karts. They should be a lot more fun to drive, so make sure to download it again!

11/17/2013--Seedtick Raceway

Today I added Seedtick Raceway, a dirt go kart track in the middle of a cornfield in Princeton, IN. Check it out in the More Tracks page!

11/16/2013--NSDR Go Karts,  Bronzeville Speedway, and Daveybird's Backyard

Today I added the Go Kart carset for the NSDR Mod. Just drag the two .car files into the NSDR folder, and go into the carsets folder in the zip and place the Dirt Go Karts folder in NSDR's carsets folder. is the original dirt kart chassis, and dbkart is the same, but has my head on it (like the 16 car in the picture). Don't worry, I didn't make myself faster than the regular chassis. They were both completely made by myself, except for the tires. Also, I added Bronzeville Speedway, a fictional 1/8-mile dirt indoor track located in Southside Chicago of all places! I also added Davey's Backyard Raceway, which is a banked, 1/8-mile red clay oval in my fictional country house's backyard. They both are heavily-modified DRT tracks, so credit to them, too.

10/20/2013--Some New Stuff

First of all, my Starfox friend Falco Lombardi made a new site, over here! And he wants you to check it out! Secondly, I've updated Farmer City so that the flagstand is in the infield like it is in real life. I also made a new mod, Crate Wars: Fastrak Vs. NeSmith, in the Mods page, featuring real Crate Late Model drivers from both series, which is shown in the screenshot. Speaking of Falco, I also released a fun, cute litle mod called Falco Barefoot Racing, also on the Mods page.

10/13/2013--Kokomo Speedway 2014

I updated my Kokomo Speedway, editing the DRT track's shape a little more. You can get it over at the more tracks page.

10/7/2013--Lucas Oil Speedway

Tonight I added the pile of glitz and glamour known as Lucas Oil Speedway in Wheatland, MO. I made this track thanks to DRT and the guys who did the DTR2 Lucas Oil Speedway. Download it in the More Tracks page. And right now I'm updating Kokomo.


I updated and reuploaded the RSR 2014 Dirt Late Models. First off, I fixed the SLM, so now your car won't rocket into the air and blow all four tires when you hit a certain RPM. Secondly, I added some REAL DRIVERS to the SLM roster to drive as or race against. I'll add more later. Here's who I've got so far:

Scott Bloomquist

Donnie Moran

Earl Pearson, Jr.

Brian Shirley

Brian Birkhofer

Chub Frank

Austin Dillon

Don O' Neal

Tyler Reddick

Kent Robinson (Representing B-Town yo!)

Shannon Babb

Jason Feger

Also, now that I've kinda figured out how to edit tracks more, I might make some new tracks and redo some of my old ones. Which might include:

An updated Brownstown, with no invisible walls

Tri-State 2014 with more banking


411 Speedway

Columbus Speedway MS (I love the fanboxes)

Volunteer Speedway

Lucas Oil Speedway (lots of eye candy there) (check)

Paragon 2014 with no invisible walls

Windy Hollow Speedway (RIP Ryan Peters)

Gas City I-69 Speedway

An updated Kokomo which is flat and more round like the real thing (check)

10/5/2013--New Tracks Released!

Today I added some new tracks. Look in the More Tracks page! I've got The Dirt Track @ Charlotte 2014 (pictured to the left), Dusty Bowl (fictional), and Farmer City. Thanks to Mike Jackson of DRT for the original tracks.

10/1/2013--RSR 2014 Mods Released!

I just released the RSR 2014 Dirt Late Models, Modifieds, Super Stocks, and Street Stocks. I know, they look kinda tacky, but these are the first cars which I made the models myself. Enjoy!

9/4/2013--Kokomo Speedway Updated

I added some more eye candy to my 1/4 mile Kokomo track. Go to the More Tracks page and download it!

8/29/2013--Stock Car USA, let's go away!

I just added my latest mod, Stock Car USA, to the Pavement Mods section (but they can be used on dirt if you wish!). If you were a child of the '90s-early 2000s, like me, and were at least moderately interested in arcade games, you have to remember Daytona USA and the tons of other games that were similar. Stock Car USA is designed for Normal mode and the cars handle pretty easily.

8/19/2013--Here come the Koopalings!

It's been about 25 years since their debut in Super Mario Bros 3, and they have never been truly playable. That changed today, as I released Outlaw Koopaling Heat in the mods section. Now you can drive as these cute, mischievous kids from the Mario series, and burn some rubber!

8/15/2013--Bloomington V2

I'm going to Bloomington Speedway on the 16th, and I also updated Demo's old Bloomington. Looks nice. I included a day and night version, and also added qualifying, where you run a heat-style race to determine your starting position. Real fun!

8/11/2013--STS Pavement Street Stocks Released

Yep. I finally added them. Go to the pavement mods page, and they are now available! Burn rubber and bash fenders!

7/4/2013--Motorbikes and a new Stadium

Happy 4th of July! Today I added the motorbikes beta and Falcon Field, wait, I added that last night! Like I said, the motorbikes are in their beta stage, so I need some polishing to do before it gets done. The rider and the bike body I did myself, but the tire models are from DRT.

Another thing I would like to point out is that pretty much all other motorcycle mods for NASCAR Heat have the front wheels right next to each other and the rear wheels right next to each other, which makes for weird physics, especially for the AI, who flip around as soon as the green flag drops.

So, I made the tires invisible, used regular-style tire physics, where they would be laid out like a car, and put two "fake" tires as part of the bike's body. It worked out pretty well. However, the pace car had no tires, so I made a pace bike model using the same one as the playable bikes.

I might make different carsets, like Yoshies, Furries, Video Game Characters, etc, so make sure to check back!

And here's a screenshot of Falco on a motorbike:

  Get out on the dirt, Falco! I've also included a ton of other riders, like bikers, a cardinal, motorcycle racers, and my dinosaur character! Get them at the Mods (Cars) page!

And here's a pic of Falcon Field:

Nice dirt track, this time, enclosed in a Pro football field! Lots of seating. Uses the same track model as Cardinal Stadium. Get it at the Tracks page!

7/2/2013--Go Cardinals, Fight Fight Fight!!

I added Cardinal Stadium, which is a 1/3 mile dirt oval inside a fictional college football stadium, with a few Cardinal Mascots you can spot around the facility! Here's a photo: