RSR: Randle Sim Racing

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RSR Heat 2017 Beta Track Pack

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Chili Bowl




Devil's Bowl

Lucas Oil


Bloomington with fixed walls (so no more random flipping)

Federated I-55


Silver Dollar

Canaan Fair Speedway

Canaan Fair Speedway Dirt Track

Gas City I-69 Speedway 2017

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Damn, I've come a long way since my first Gas City a few years ago. I swear, I keep getting better and better at track making and editing! This track is winding and circular, so you've gotta let off/brake at the right time, or else you'll find  yourself on the highside!

New and Updated RSR Tracks:

Farmer City 2017

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Fairbury American Legion Speedway (pictured. First edition for Heat and under RSR branding)

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Brownstown Speedway 2017

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Fairbury: Brand new track to Heat, converted from rFactor

Farmer City 2017: Same venue I was trying to replicate a few years ago, converted from rFactor.

Brownstown Speedway 2017: The same Brownstown track I've been using for years, but with a bunch of new objects from the rFactor version.

Credit goes to that guy named John for creating the original Brownstown for Heat, and the guys at TruSpeed and the other rFactor people for the converted rFactor content.

RSR Arena

It's a 1/4 or 1/5-mile dirt track inside a basketball/hockey arena in RSR Town. I made an arena awhile back, but never finished it. This one is so much better! Works good with Midgets, Non Wing Sprint Cars, and of course, Wedge Karts! A special thank you to the DTR2 community for the billboards, Lucas Oil bottle, and Rockstar can!

Eldora Speedway 2016

I made the track slicker and it has better cameras as well!

Daveybird Speedway 2016

Fictional 1/3 mile, high banked. clay D oval in RSR Town. Comes with both day and night, regular and Fan Cam versions. RSR_Dbird2 and RSR_Dbird2N are the Fan Cam versions.

I'm gonna start making alternate versions of my tracks with the "Fan Cam"  feature, which has the replay camera in the stands, so that it looks like you're actually there. They have both Day and Night versions like usual.

Bloomington Speedway 2016


Made the start/finish line at the flagstand

Made the track surface the generic racing surface (which has more grip, is tackier and faster)

Slick version (slower and slidier):

Bloomington Speedway 2016 with Fan Cam

Slick version:

Panther Speedway 2016

Remember Panther Speedway? The track around the old high school football field and they made the high school the track's museum? Well, it's back with some changes:

Made the track smaller to be closer to 1/4 mile

Changed the grip to default racing surface, to be tackier and faster.

Slick version:

Panther Speedway 2016 with Fan Cam

Slick version:

RSR Spring Track Pack 2015


Bloomington Speedway 2015 (took out infield tires, since they took them out in real life this year)

Eldora Speedway 2015 (resized, and made all the objects double-sided, so you can see details you didn't see last year)

Macon Speedway (a tiny, 1/5-mile dirt oval in Macon, IL)

Randle County Speedway V2

Location: Randle County City, RC

Surface: Dirt (Red Clay)

Length: 1/3 Mile

Banking: High

Bowser Motor Speedway

Location: Bowser's Kingdom (Near Mushroom Kingdom)

Surface: Dirt (Clay)

Length: 1/4 Mile

Banking: Medium

Easter Egg: You can explore the castle, and who's waiting for you in there? None other than the Koopa King himself!

Circle Park Speedway

Location: Arlington, Randle County

Length: 1/4 Mile Quad Oval

Banking: High Banked

Surface: Clay

Foxville Speedway

A fictional, 3/10 mile clay oval in Foxville, Randle County. Has a high banked shelf you can latch onto and then dig down for a heavy slide.

Tri-State Speedway 2014

Here's my latest version of my home dirt track in Haubstadt, IN. Featuring all-new graphics, and a base thanks to my friend Scott Hawbaker's old DTR2 Tri State, this is the best version yet! The Zip file contains both the day and night versions.

Eldora Speedway

Eldora Speedway is one of the most famous dirt ovals in the USA. It hosts several big Dirt Late Model and Sprint Car events, plus weekly Dirt Late Model, UMP Modified, and Stock Car racing.

Fonda Speedway

Fonda Speedway is a 1/2 mile dirt oval in Fonda, NY, racing Northeast Modifieds, Sportsman, Pro Stocks, and more. Converted from DTR2

Panther Speedway

A fictional track in Stewartsville, IN, made before I knew there really was a Stewartsville, Indiana.

1/4 Mile dirt oval. In the early 80s, the local high school, whose mascot was the Panthers, moved into a new building. A couple of track promoters bought the entire facility, and replaced the running track around the football field with dirt. Now one of the nation's top dirt oval racing venues, especially for Non-Wing Sprint Cars, loads of fans go here to watch their hometown heroes battle it out on the track. Recently, the abandoned high school building is a dirt racing museum, and the track's Hall of Fame.

RSR Spring 2014 Track Pack 2

Contains the following tracks:

Columbus Speedway (Mississippi): A 3/10-mile dirt oval with fanboxes behind the back straightaway. When I watched a race here on TV I decided I had to make it.

The Dirt Track @ Charlotte Motor Speedway V3: The third version I did of DTAC, this time converted from DTR2.

Cherokee Speedway: This looks a ton better than the first NASCAR Heat version, right down to the swingset in the infield pits.

Both day and night versions, and qualifying heats, but no pits.

RSR Spring 2014 Track Pack

Contains four dirt ovals converted from Dirt Track Racing 2. Both day and night versions like usual.

Volusia Speedway Park: A 1/2 mile dirt track near Daytona Beach, Florida. Some special events include a UMP DirtCar Late Model Summernationals series race, and World of Outlaws Late Models.

Bloomington Speedway 2014: RSR's best version of the 1/4 mile red clay oval located in the college town of Bloomington, IN. Josh Burton is probably looking down on me and smiling from Heaven. He liked NASCAR Heat and would've loved this!

Terre Haute Action Track 2014: Home to the Tony Hulman classic, this is a more recognizeable version of the 1/2 mile dirt oval in Terre Haute, IN.

Volunteer Speedway: An exciting 4/10 mile, high-banked dirt oval in Bulls Gap, TN. Both the rFactor version and the first NASCAR Heat version aren't that accurate as far as looks. This one is much better. One guy requested me to do this track, and I already like it, so I went on ahead and did it!

I also included Lizard Lair Stadium Speedway, Dirt and Asphalt, Day and Night. My character Slimyscaly, as some of you know, owns a large company called Lizard Lair. In 2004 he built a dome to go along with it, including an oval along the edges that can be covered in dirt.

Lincoln Park Speedway

A 5/16 mile dirt oval in Putnamville/Greencastle, IN.

Randle County Speedway

Here's the most famous dirt track in Randle County, RCS. 3/8 mile red clay oval.

Dusty Bowl Speedway 2014

Welp. The first one sucked. This new, built-from scratch version has plenty of eye candy, and the racing surface is a lot smoother. Really fun to race on. It's like a mini-Bristol!

The Rot Box

This is a little different. I decided to make a track similar to the now-defunct Flemington Speedway, a rounded-square shape. You have to slow down right after you get off the throttle. A real challenging track. 1/4 mile dirt square oval.

The Dirt Track at RSR Fairgrounds

Located at the RSR Fairgrounds in RSR Town, this 1 Mile dirt oval has state-of-the-art facilities, is surrounded by pavilions and food stands, and hosts big dirt racing events, and not to mention the RSR Pro Cup series has a couple of stops here as well, bringing modern stock car racing back to its roots. Thanks to Mike Jackson and DRT for the base track.

Daveybird Speedway

This is the first track which I made the base entirely by myself. Another track in RSR Town, it is 1/3 mile, dirt clay, and is home to weekly Friday and Saturday night UMP Dirt Super Late Model, UMP Modified, UMP Sportsman Super Stock, Street Stock, Hornet, 410 Non Wing Sprint Car, and 410 and 360 Wing Sprint Car racing, and the East Coast Modifieds, Sportsman, Pro Stocks, and Midgets make special appearances as well. It has state-of-the-art half-bowl seating, a special suite on top of the grandstands, and several food stands, which are stocked with popcorn, candy, hot dogs, hamburgers, BBQ sandwiches, and of course, MTN DEW!!!!

Gas City I-69 Speedway

I'm surprised no one has done this track yet. Located on the side of Highway I-69 in Gas City, IN (obviously), this 1/4 mile dirt clay track races Non Wing Sprints, UMP Modifieds, Street Stocks, and sometimes World of Outlaws Wing Sprint Cars. Base track by DRT.

Brownstown 2014

This 1/4 mile, wide, dirt oval is the only one in Indiana that currently has Dirt Late Models as part of their regular weekly program. They race UMP Sportsman Super Stocks, UMP Modifieds, Bombers, Pure Stocks, and Hornets as well. This is also a stop on the Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series schedule. They also jump on the Indiana Non Wing Sprint Car bandwagon once a year, in an event called the No Way Out 40. The original track was made by a guy named John. I didn't change much, just put new grandstands and objects in, changed the dirt texture, and added a 4-lap qualifying heat.

Tri State Speedway V2:

This is the updated version of my home track, Tri State Speedway, in Haubstadt, IN. I retextured it and modified it a little. Next time, I'll add more banking.

Hoosier Trackpack

This has several Indiana Dirt Tracks. Bloomington Speedway, Brownstown Speedway, Lawrenceburg Speedway, and Tri-State Speedway Haubstadt.

Hoosier Pack 2

Contains the following tracks: Terre Haute Action Track, Paragon Speedway, Thunder Valley Raceway (Salem), updated Bloomington, and updated Lawrenceburg.

Stadium Series Trackpack

This is the Supercross of dirt oval car racing! Contains the following tracks: Indiana University Memorial Stadium, Lucas Oil Stadium, Lincoln Financial Field, and Sun Life Stadium.

Misc Trackpack

Contains the following tracks: The Dirt Track at Charlotte, Chipmunk Creek Speedway, College Bowl Speedway, and Sprott Speedway.

NASCAR Dirt Trackpack

Contains the following tracks: Indianapolis Dirt Park, Martinsville Dirt, Bristol Dirt, and Rockingham Dirt.

RSR Spring 2013 Trackpack

I'm back! And with some new tracks, this time, sports-themed. Davey's Park is a dirt track in an old, abandoned Minor League Baseball park, much like the old 16th Street Speedway in Indianapolis, and comes in Day and Night versions. Varsity Speedway is a hardwood track that is inside a High School Basketball-like enclosure. Randle Hall is a hardwood track modeled after a college basketball stadium, like Indiana University's Assembly Hall. Also included is a fixed Thunder Valley track that gets rid of the Clover Valley signs on the pace lap.