RSR: Randle Sim Racing

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RSR Powersports

This is the RSR Powersports page, where you'll find all kinds of unique mods I made for NASCAR Heat, that aren't the traditional type, as well as my non sim racing mods, like fighting games!
About a couple of years ago, Blitz made Blitz3D and other Blitz software legally free and open source. Recently, they unexpectedly closed their site down, but still have the source code on GitHub. But for those of us who want the legally free full version of Blitz3D still, here it is!! But take note that it uses DX8, so, unless you have a gaming computer, you need to run the games in Windowed mode if running on Windows 8-10. 7 is okay. Go to for the Wrestling MPire, Reach, etc scripts, and edit and compile!

RFA Beta V3

Download Here

I added Mewtwo (even though he has a few transparent spots, might fix later), he doesn't use any of his psychic moves in the RFA, he's all physical. I also added a widescreen and regular screen mode folder. The game starts out in the 1366 x 768 Widescreen Mode, but if you dump the contents of the Regular Screen mode into the RFA Beta 3 directory, you'll have 1024 x 768 regular screen action! There have to be two seperate folders, because the fighters and the ring get disproportionate when switching to widescreen mode, and I tried fixing it, but it pushed everything to the left. So now I have two folders for each character and two versions of each stage, with different sizes.

RFA Mugen Mod Beta V2

Download Here


Added Bowser and Steveybird (Steveybird is a new character I made to be the sidekick and assistant to me, Daveybird)

Changed the resolution to 1024 x 768 and fullscreen

Made it to where if you choose Daveybird, you won't fight yourself (can be done with any fighter you want to play as by going into select.def and changing the fighter's order to 1, and the others to 2.

Made Bowser the final boss, giving him an order of 3 and making you fight him last.

Each character handles a little differently now, unlike before, where they were almost equal.

Daveybird: A little strong, a little slow

Falco: Pretty much the same as Daveybird

Fox: Quick, but weak

Iggy: Moderately quick and weak, like a more balanced version of Fox.

Steveybird: The laughing stock of the bunch. Slow, both attacks have only one frame with a hitbox.

Bowser: The real powerhouse. Slow and hard-hitting.

RFA Mugen Mod Beta

Download Here

I'm working on a mod for Mugen, which has me and some video game characters and original characters beat each other up in MMA-style competition (minus the grappling and ground game)! Oh, and in game, the button you assign to X (A by default) punches, and the button you assign to Y (S by default) kicks. I might add a women's division to this as well!

Fighter Roster as of this Download:


Falco Lombardi

Fox McCloud

Iggy Koopa

Upcoming fighters:

Larry Koopa




Kyle Ferr

Fred Howler


Lord Shen

Scott Mariner

Matt Eagleton

Bird Club 2015

The hard-hitting, feather-cringing bird person fighting game has returned! Now with a caged version, and more personalized fighters! Thanks go to Mat Dickie for the original game (Reach) and Wrestling MPire Creations for some of the content!

RSR Powersports Supercross Series

This is probably the first NASCAR Heat motorcycle mod with good/halfway-decent AI. Includes real current Supercross riders, like Ryan Villopoto and James Stewart, real legend Supercross riders, like Jeremy McGrath, Travis Pastrana, and Jeff Emig, and real current Supercross Lites/250 riders, like Malcolm Stewart. Some riders, especially the legends I rember from my childhood, have semi-accurate color schemes, like Jeremy McGrath shown to the left, while others have completely random colors, though their names, numbers, and divisions remain intact. I also included some bonus SX riders: Me, Krystal (Starfox), Falco (Starfox), and Donkey Kong. Those three are (C) Nintendo and this is for parody.

Also, I've got four Supercross tracks over here:

And here's an updated chassis of myself:

Looks waay better. Also included is an extra Falco chassis, where his pants are baggier and he doesn't have boots. If you want Falco to race like this, simply change his chassis in the drivers.txt to SXFalco2.

And here's the Supercross/SX Lites template for this mod:

For the default SX/SX Lites chassis, you can paint the rider as well, but for the bonus SX chassis (Nintendo characters and I), you can only paint the bike.

Bowser for RSR SX

Bwa ha ha ha haaaaa!! Bowser, the King of the Koopas, is ready to tear up the dirt and chew up and spit out anyone who gets in his way! Extract the zip into your RSRSupercross folder, and add this to your drivers.txt to make him playable:

table Driver

number 438

name Bowser

chassis BowserSX

rank 8

race_image 100

body_style pcar

wheel_basename trtire