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Project N99L

Back in 2001, when I was about 10, I bought NASCAR Racing 1999 Edition, and soon after, found out there were a bunch of current carsets and bodyshapes for it. I then found out about NASCAR Short Track Late Models and Modifieds, and then downloaded the body shapes and started making carsets for these types of divisions, with my favorite video game characters, like Mario, Bowser, Sonic, etc, myself, and my family members as drivers, I even put their photos on the driver info, and put realistic ratings for them. Like for example, Bowser has high aggression, Sonic has high car power, etc. Now, more than ten years later, most of the links to the car bodies are dead, so I decided to make my own, because 3DOEdit is still downloadable, and I recreated the old carsets with new bodyshapes, drivers, and driver photos. And back then, I didn't know how to use palettes well, so my paintjobs sucked. Now, they are better. This new series also has generic drivers so there can be more cars on the field.

N99L stands for NASCAR Racing 1999 Edition Local, as this is local oval racing.

Late Model Stock Cars (or Dirt Pro Stocks if you choose to run them on Dirt Tracks):

Modifieds (NASCAR Whelen-Style):

NASCAR Racing 1999 Edition full install

A complete folder with N99 when I ran the GDSR, Glory Days Sim Racing site. Includes:

GDSR Dirt and Pavement Late Models

GDSR Dirt Super Stocks

GDSR Modifieds

GDSR Bombers (Street Stocks) for dirt and pavement

Plenty of dirt and short tracks

Dirt Track Schedule

Short Track Schedule

To swap a carset, change whatever car folder you want (lmcars, bombercars, etc) to "cars" folder. I just wish N2/99/3 carset swapping was as easy as N1/ICR2 carset swapping, where you can do it in-game.