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Finally! I added the STS Street Stocks

Posted by Daveybird on August 11, 2013 at 7:45 PM Comments comments (2)

The Short Trackers Series Pavement Street Stocks are finally here! They're available for download at the Pavement Mods page!

RSR Hornets are here!

Posted by Daveybird on February 11, 2013 at 10:45 PM Comments comments (3)

Finally, the cute little mostly-stock 4-bangers make a sim racing appearance. They use a heavily modified DRT ASA chassis, go in the RSR Stock Cars folder, and are fun to drive. Go to the Mods section to download them!

More downloads coming soon!!

Posted by Daveybird on February 9, 2013 at 9:05 PM Comments comments (0)

Hey y'all! I'm in the middle of making some new stuff!

Local Track Schedules:

When the real versions of some tracks I made release their 2013 schedule on their sites, I'll make season mode schedules based on the local tracks' schedule. I already made Lawrenceburg's schedule, since they're the only one that released their 2013 schedule already that I know of. The schedules can be used with the cars from my mods that are raced at the real versions of the track as part of their regular program, and will have different files for some divisions. For example, the Lawrenceburg non-winged sprint cars have some nights off (for winged sprint cars and late models taking their place), but the modifieds don't have any nights off, so the Lawrenceburg Sprint Car season file won't include events where the non-wing sprint cars race, but the modifieds will. Plus, there are different special events for different divisions.

The events also have the actual names of some of the events, like I'll put the Sheldon Kinser Memorial as one of the events at Bloomington, and it will actually show up in the game. I would make the local drivers for each of the tracks, but the seasons would probably be over by the the time that gets done. So you can create them if you want and add them to the mod if you want your schedule to be more authentic and you won't have to race against the default drivers.

The only thing is that you have to race it NASCAR-style, where you qualify and then race. Sorry, you can't do the traditional dirt race format (heats, B-Main, A-Main) in NASCAR Heat. Blame MGI for not releasing Dirt to Daytona on the PC, cause if they did, the issue would be fixed.

Here are some schedules I might release:

Lawrenceburg Sprints

Lawrenceburg Modifieds

Bloomington Sprints

Bloomington Modifieds

Bloomington Super Stocks

Bloomington Hornets

Lawrenceburg Hornets

Terre Haute Sprints

Terre Haute Modifieds

Tri-State Sprints

Tri-State Modifieds

Thunder Valley Bombers

Brownstown Late Models

Brownstown Super Stocks

Brownstown Modifieds

Brownstown Bombers

Brownstown Pure Stocks


Local programs for fictional tracks

Several regional and touring series for some divisions


Hornets: Expansion for RSR Stock Cars Mod

Some call them hornets, some call thm mini stocks, others call them 4-cylinder bombers, front runners, crazy compacts, etc. These are 4-cylinder compacts like the Chevy Cavalier and the Dodge Neon, and the only racing modifications made to them are for safety. Once I make some more paintjobs for them, I'll release them along with the templates. These cars are pretty slow and easygoing, but their lap times can be quicker than expected, since you don't have to do much banking or letting off the throttle, which means they've got a good average speed.